SWDP – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: You must not prick me

A cold wind blew and Mu Huan sneezed. 

Bao Junyan frowned, fearing that she would catch a cold, he urged. “Get in the car first.”

“My electric motorcycle.” Mu Huan still couldn’t let her electric motorcycle go.

“I’ll let someone pick it up.”

“Thank you, husband, you’re the best!” Mu Huan praised immediately.

Bao Junyan, “…”

He has always been indifferent since childhood, and no one has dared act coquettishly before him, his young wife is the first.

To his surprise, this feeling is not bad. 

In the middle of the night.

Mu Huan was awakened from her slumber and felt that something isn’t right. She blinked her heavy eyes open and saw a woman holding a needle near her. She was scared into instinctively rolling back, quilt and all, “Move back! If you dare come near, I will beat you!”
The female doctor who was about to give her a shot was stumped for words. 

Bao Junyan, “…”

His little wife is usually soft and cute, but when she is disoriented, she is particularly fierce. The last time she was drunk, she said she’d beat someone up, and now she’s at it again. 

“Come, you’re burning. You need a shot.” Bao Junyan didn’t expect Mu Huan’s physical fitness to be so bad, a cold wind just blew past her at the door of the bookstore and not she’s got a high fever.

There was no other way to reduce her fever, but give her a shot.

“I only have a fever! Don’t trick me! I told you not to approach me! Don’t give me the needle or else I’ll be really rude!” Besides being afraid of hunger, Mu Huan is especially afraid of needles.

Her stepmother is a doctor. In order to prevent others from discovering that she was abusing Mu Huan, she used needles to prick Mu Huan. Pointed needles were extremely numbing.

It left a deep shadow in young Mu Huan’s heart.

Even when she grew up after her grandmother took her away, she studied hard with others, and was able to beat down many people without fear of being bullied, but whenever she sees a needle, she instinctively shrinks in fear. 

As a child, when someone noticed the needle pricks on her body, her stepmother would claim that she had undergone acupuncture treatment for some illness.

So in her groggy state, Bao Junyan’s claim that she has a fever is a lie and he just wants them to tie her up!

“Be obedient, don’t make a fuss.” Bao Junyan approached her.

“I’m not obedient! I won’t be! I tell you, if you dare stab me, I’ll fight you!” No one can hit her! No one! She’s no longer a child. She’s no more!

Bao Junyan could tell that she’s burning hot from her confusion and nonsense. He could feel the hot air around him as he approached her. He decided to force her to have an injection lest she’d burn silly if her fever persists.

He reached out and hugged Mu Huan, trying to carry her onto his lap.

 Although Mu Huan have no energy to burn, she still struggled desperately. But then how could she compare to Bao Junyan’s strength. Even if she were sober, she is no match against Bao Junyan, how much more now that she’s sick.

The sense of powerlessness and fear despite her desperate efforts to resist took her back to her childhood days, unable to distinguish reality from the memories buried deep in her mind.

She curled up in Bao Junyan’s arms, trembling with fear, her mouth quivering, “Don’t tie me up … don’t prick me … please … don’t prick me … don’t prick me …”

“I’ll be good, I’ll really be good…?”

“Don’t prick me…. Don’t prick me …”

Seeing her so afraid, Bao Junyan couldn’t bear to give her an injection. He looked up to the doctor, “She’s in this state now, she should be able to take medicine. Can she take medicine?”

1 thought on “SWDP – Chapter 46”

  1. That’s heartbreaking! I have never heard of a child being abused this way! I hope they get that stepmother good. And the rest of the family too for not doing anything to help her.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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