EP – Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Well, a poor ghost like you must have never seen the like

The girl standing in front of her was wearing a new season of spring fashion, stepping on a pair of hateful towering stilettos. 

Ning Xiaofei recognizes this woman, surnamed Bai, with a maiden name Wen. She is the daughter of Ning Xiaofei’s aunt, Bai Qiuling’s younger brother. She is one year younger than Ji Jing and is the same age as her. She has always walked with her nose up in the air and partnered with Ji Jing many times to bully her. 

“Yo, sister Wenwen, seems like you’ve just come back from South Korea. This face is so trim, I almost didn’t recognize it.”

Bai Wen also recognized her, and sneered, “Bumpkin, you think everyone goes to South Korea for cosmetic surgery, I just went to travel!”

“Oh!”Ning nodded, “I say, how come your legs haven’t stretched longer stepping on wall bricks everyday, even if you are not tired, I feel tired for you.”

Beside her, the driver chortled. 

Bai Wen was born short, and hates it most when people comment on this, hence her anger burst immediately.

“Wenwen!” Ji Jing, who just went to the bathroom came back, and upon seeing Ning Xiaofei standing beside Bai Wen, she barely squeezed a smile, “Hey, why are you here Xiao Fei?”

Ning Xiaofei stuffed her hands in her pocket. “Isn’t the season changing? I just came to buy some clothes!”

The moment Bai Wen heard her reason, she scoffed instantly, “You seem to have gone to the wrong place. I think you’d better head to South Gate Market, where it’s more suitable for you!”

The South Gate Market is a well-known wholesale market in City A. It sells popular models and some fake brands, which are relatively cheap.

“Sister Wenwen really knows well. Is your bag also a second hand, which you found and bought in City A?”

These few pretty girls have already attracted the attention of many passers-by, and even cleaning lady was standing by.

Bai Wen’s face flushed red. “I just bought this from Paris. Don’t talk nonsense, this zipper, this work … forget it, a poor ghost like you must have never seen the like anyway.”

Ji Jing stretched her arm and pulled her hand. “Xiao Fei, we’re leaving first!”

Now that Ning Xiaofei standing is different, despite her jealousy, Ji Jing would never provoke her openly as before. 

Who knows if Mu Tianye is around, if he sees her causing trouble for Ning Xiaofei, wouldn’t it be her who would be unlucky by then?

Bai Wen has just returned from South Korea after a nose job. In recent days, her nose had been swollen and she did not dare to see anyone. Now that the swell has finally gone down, she came out to show off her new face. Not knowing that Ning Xiaofei has climbed up a high branch, she immediately dismissed Ning Xiaofei, rolled her eyes and moved forward with Ji Jing.

Fearing that Mu Tianye would be pissed waiting for her, Ning Xiaofei too lazy arguing with them, and immediately went to another channel.

She wandered around and ended up in a famous boutique, but again run into the two people.

This time, Bai Wen was trying on a dress she took off from the shelf in front of the mirror.

“Sister Jingjing, does this look good?”

 “Well, it’s perfect for you.”

“You really have the vision. This is a new model that just arrived in the store.” The shop assistant complimented with a smile, “Or, would you like to try it on?”

Another shop assistant in the store saw Ning Xiaofei come in, smiled and greeted, “Miss, what are you looking for?”

When she saw Ning Xiaofei coming in from the mirror, Bai Wen raised her voice, “No need to waste time on her, she can’t afford it.”

Can not afford?!!

Ning Xiaofei smirked.

Today, this sister will open your eyes and let you see how the rich really shops. 

Swaying towards her, she raised a finger and pointed at the dress on Bai Wen’s hands. 

“This……Wrap it up for me!”

Bai Wen laughed out loud, “Ning Xiaofei, touch your wallet before reality hits that fat face, do you know how much this is?”

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