SWPF – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Blinded by knowledge

For some reason, a sour taste drowned Huo Jinchen. His little girl seemed missing out on how good her fiance is. 

He is completely not taken to heart.

“Here’s our food, dive in while it’s hot!” Huo Jinchen waved the unhappy thoughts aside, some things can’t be rushed. 

He picked a huge hairy crab, peeled it and sent it on Lu Xingzhi’s plate. 

Lu Xingzhi took it for granted and ate with gusto. 

So Huo Jinchen peeled two more and Lu Xingzhi ate them. 

Waiting for the fourth one, Huo Jinchen stopped peeling, and looked at her in bemusement: “Hairy crabs are cold food. Eating too much is not good.”

When Qin Shi Huai entered, he was in time to see Hou Jinchen peeling lobsters, while Lu Xingzhi was eating them one by one.

This is simply unimaginable. But judging by Huo Jinchen’s current trend, he’s definitely going to be a wife’s slave after marriage.

The couple didn’t even spare him a glance, as they were courting solicitously. 

“Jinchen, what excellent service you have!” Qin Shi Huai jested.

Huo Jinchen lifted a brow lightly, “Any opinions?”

“Don’t dare.” Qin Shi Huai placed a bottle of plum wine on the dining table. “Our own plum wine is very suitable as a lady’s drink. Let your fiancee try it out. For ordinary people, I would never take it out.”

“Can I drink?” Lu Xingzhi had never drank, so she blinked huge expectant eyes at Huo Jinchen.

A tick rose from Huo Jinchen lips, “Drink as much as you want. This wine is sweet. It’s okay to drink a little.”

After speaking, he opened the wine bottle directly and poured a glass for Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi stood up and took a sip, “It’s delicious, sweet and sour, only a little bit astringent. It tastes better than fruit juice.”

Soon, Lu Xingzhi’s glass was emptied. 

She held her glass up and shove it towards Huo Jinchen. “Uncle, I want a drink more.”

“Although this wine is sweet, drink moderately. Drink less or else you’ll get drunk later.” Huo Jinchen is very worried. He knows Lu Xingzhi has never drank alcohol so she mustn’t consume too much.

“Give me some more.” Lu Xingzhi’s voice was soft, sweet, tinged with a bit of timid begging.

Her facial features are bright and beautiful, and her eyes are affectionate, but because of the tear mole at the corner of her eye, it added a bit of fragility.

Even for a hard-hearted man, faced with this sweet request, would find it hard to say no. 

Huo Jinchen is bemused, thinking as if he is a heinous uncompromising man.

When he turned his head to the side, he saw Qin Shi Huai’s eyes on Lu Xingzhi, with some fondness.

Not only that, he also heard him say, “Jinchen, you should give Xiao Zhi another glass! When you leave, I will give you two more bottles.”

“You’re really generous! You said you can’t bear to take it out, but I can walk away with two more today.” Huo Jinchen discussed queerly.

Hearing that they can bring home two more bottles, Lu Xingzhi’s eyes sparkled. She turned to Qin Huai, but her view was suddenly blinded.

“Are you going to eat with us?”

Qin Shihuai then reacted. This Huo Jinchen is simply driving him away. He scolded him secretly in his heart: No humanity against the opposite sex. 

To think that he finally got a girlfriend for the first time, now, he’s going to ignore them brothers!

“I won’t eat with you. Xiao Zhi, enjoy your meal. In a while, I’ll fetch you the two bottles of wine.”

“Is she so familiar with you? You just called her Xiao Zhi.” Looking at Qin Shi Huai now, Huo Jinchen felt he’s thorns to his eyes. 

“Okay, okay. I’m going.”

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Lol wife slave Huo Jinchen reporting for duty 😏
    Qin Shi Huai got front seat to the dog eating show 😂


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