LLW – Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Cheating a youngster

“What next?”

“Let her take this pill immediately–” Elder Yang took out a pill.

He has refined this revival pill meticulously over the years. Never has he imagined that it would be used at this moment.

Feng Chuge has been injured and her whole body is extremely vulnerable. Now that Di Jue Chen has transferred some of his power into her, the two spiritual powers which were entirely different blended together. Feng Chuge felt paralyzed and has long lost her consciousness.

“I didn’t expect her to be so comatose … this pill …” Elder Yang was anxious.

Di Jue Chen: “Let me do it.”

Di Jue Chen clasped Feng Chuge’s head with one hand and fixed her in his arms.

He bit the pill and moved nearer. 

He deftly pried his lips opened and forced the pill in…

Elder Yang’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. 

This means is totally wrong, right??

This lord is taking advantage of his apprentice!!

Elder Yan bit his lips, closed his eyes and retreated. 

The pill given by Elder Yang melted in her mouth, and in just a blink of an eye, slid down into Feng Chuge’s throat.

Feng Chuge’s self-healing is remarkable. In addition, due to the spiritual power injected by Di Jue Chen earlier, she woke up drowsy in no time.

However, she felt a strange lingering feeling for a while….

Feng Chuge suddenly blinked open her eyes….

Before her is the enlarged face of breathtaking rogue, and the said rogue is in the middle of kissing the breath out of her. 

Feng Chuge was first dumbfounded then rage rushed forth in her eyes. 

She raised a hand intending to cleave Di Jue Chen’s neck. 

This hand, this strike wasn’t at all like a woman who has just been seriously injured!

But the moment her hand reached mid-air, it was caught by another one.

Di Jue Chen finally let go of her —

“Xiao Ge’er, you’re murdering your husband —” A flash of teasing glimmered in those purple eyes. Di Jue Chen then leaned on one side, assuming a noble indolence. 

Feng Chuge gritted his teeth. “You are so shameless, to even take advantage of the weak!”

“It really breaks my heart to hear you say that. If I hadn’t given you medicine, would you have woken up so quickly?” Di Jue Chen raised a good-looking brow, “But if you want to repay in kind, then I’d be honored!”

The twitch in Feng Chuge’s eyes couldn’t stop. 

It’s obviously him who secretly kissed her!

Feeding her medicine and kissing her while at it, she can tell them apart!

The medicine given by Elder Yang was very effective, In a short while, Feng Chuge felt refreshed.

She stared at Di Jue Chen fiercely. “Let me ask you, are we familiar?”

“What do you think?” Di Jue Chen frowned slightly then smiled.

“We’ve only met three times at best.” Two of these were her most embarrassing moments since she was born to this world.

“Ah, it’s truly heartbreaking ~” Di Jue Chen said nothing more, just shook his head, but his brows were brimming with humor. 

He wanted to add something else, but sensing the change outside, the color on his face changed….

Outside, the waning moon is about to disappear…

Time is up……

He licked his lips and an arc formed on the corners, “Xiao Ge’er, see you again soon~~”

Leaving that behind, his whole figure vanished into the darkness.

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