LLW – Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Healing wounds

When Feng Chuge ventured out of their quarters, she expected that there would be trouble tonight so she ordered her maids to remain behind.

Hence at the news of Feng Chuge being injured, each was rocked one after the other.

How was it possible?

Their miss…. Got hurt!

“Don’t worry about her, either, Xiao Shimei has been taken away by Di Jue Chen.” The people who came to deliver the message saw their worry and tried comforting them.

Zilan exchanged glances with Luzhu and Biluo for a few moments, forcing herself to calm down–

Everything’s going to be fine, the young master of Tiandifu is with her, she’s going to be alright….

It’s the 22nd of the month, although it is not as good as a full moon night, the courtyard is also sparsely lit with the moonlight.

At night, the weakening of spiritual force is greatly affected by the moonlight. 

After taking another pill, Di Jue Chen wasn’t able to recover completely, but with the presence of the moon temporarily suppressed all toxins in his body from spreading out.

Holding Feng Chuge, his slender figure swept through entire Yuntian College, and finally landed in the courtyard where he is currently staying.

“Master, you’re back.” Bei Xuan sensed his aura from the distance and rushed out to meet him. 

He was totally against the Master’s decision to go on a trip tonight.

After all, no one knows when the suppressed toxins will relapse, and it would be troublesome if he were to encounter someone. 

“Master, what’s wrong with Miss Feng?” Bei Xuan was aghast when he finally saw Feng Chuge’s weakened state. 

Di Jue Chen’s lips formed a thin line while a chill flickered deep in his purple eyes. 

But he never uttered a word and instead directly lay Feng Chuge on the bed. 

On the bed, Feng Chuge sat cross-legged, while Di Jue Chen healed her injuries from behind.

Feng Chuge’s dantian was badly damaged so to prevent the continuous loss of spiritual power, he must continuously replenish her spiritual power.

“Master, you haven’t completely recovered yet. Your spiritual power is very low now, so you can’t go on like this, otherwise, the toxins will be compounded.” As Di Jue Chen’s face grew paler, Bei Xuan couldn’t stay quiet anymore. 

When has Di Jue Chen ever listened to him?

“Master, it’s really impossible, you are very weak now …”

“Shut up—” Only two cold words interrupted Bei Xuan’s concerns. 

Bei Xuan can only shake his head at Di Jue Chen’s obstinacy. 

He knew that persuading him was futile.

Once the master decides, no one can change his mind!

The moonlight still scattered through the window into the room.

All of a sudden, a strange aura permeated outside. 

Bei Xuan’s eyes flickered slightly, and he came out through the window.

The master is healing Miss Feng at present so no mistake is permissible!

“Oops, it’s me, it’s me —” Before Bei Xuan could take a shot, an old voice echoed. 

The moonlight shone on top of a familiar figure. When Bei Xuan recognized him, he bowed a bit, “Elder Yang-“

 “I’ll go and take a look.” Elder Yang said and made way into the room.

After approaching the two, Elder Yang explored Feng Chuge’s breath and finally breathed a sigh of relief, “My Lord, leave her to me. The spiritual power you’ve infused is enough. Let her take a pill to heal the rest, she’ll be fine soon.”

Elder Yang is Feng Chuge’s master. This matter has long been known by Di Jue Chen. 

 Hearing Elder Yang’s assurance, he was finally relieved.

Di Jue Chen sighed as he let his fingers brush the wisps of hair that were scattered on Feng Chuge’s face. 

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