TOCH – Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Go alone

Going hunted for a restaurant purposely to max out Luo Yibei’s card, she went out and returned to the office after having a fulfilling meal outside. 

“Help me deal with this this afternoon.” Seeing her, he put a document on her desk, dropped a brief order, and he turned around immediately.

With no extra nonsense whatsoever.

Fang Chixia took hold of the file and froze almost instantly.

Luo Yibei handed her a contract, probably letting her go and negotiate a business deal on his behalf, the contract value involves 5 billion dollars.

It’s a humongous project, but he put it mildly as if asking her to make him a cup of tea.

What’s even more surprising for Fang Chixia was why he asked her to negotiate such a large project?

Although Fang Chixia has attended many business transactions with him and listened to some commercial negotiations, she was after all a newcomer in the business field, too young and her qualifications are too shallow. Such an economical project, she was in fact a little unsure whether she would be competent enough to accomplish it single-handedly.

“Aren’t you going this afternoon?” She called Luo Yibei over the intercom and asked.

“No time.” Luo Yibei replied lightly.

Fang Chixia had no choice but to arrange an appointment with the client over the phone and left with the documents alone.

The client of this business negotiation is a very young man, the young master of the Shang family, Shang Rui. His family is also one of the wealthy families in C City. It is said that the relationships on all roads are well connected, and their network is very solid.

Having lived in C City for a long time, Fang Chixia has heard some of Shang Rui. 

His character isn’t particularly amiable, much like Shi Luo, who frequently runs unrestrained in the capital. 

But unlike Shi Luo, who although known as a bad boy is still principled, he on the other side runs along the lines of the depraved. 

It wasn’t him who was originally tasked to negotiate this time, something probably happened midway through one of his father’s schedule, so he was sent instead. 

Luo Yibei wasn’t aware of this.

When Fang Chixia arrived at the restaurant where they’ve agreed for the talk, Shang Rui was already there waiting in his seat, seemingly for a long time. 

“Hello, Shang Shaoye, I was sent from Rongxi!” Fang Chixia introduced herself, opened the chair opposite him and sat down.

“What would you like to drink? My treat.” This time, Rongxi wants to seize a piece of rich land from this enterprise. Since Rongxi initiated the deal, Fang Chixia knew very well how to proceed. Whoever wants to win the bid will settle the bill.

Rather than answering directly, Shang Rui lazily leaned on his chair and stared at her leisurely.

His eyes were sloppy, lacking the sharpness of a businessman, openly displaying his cynicism, “Has Rongxi now resorted into recklessly sending beautiful staff out?”

He was indeed praising her, compliments leaden with taunts.

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia has brainstormed on the best strategy to cope so she responded lightly, without taking his words to heart.

The two ordered some dishes casually. Fang Chixia simply tasted a little, and quietly waited for him to finish before starting to talk about the contract.

She never considered that Shang Rui would sit still and just stare at her instead of eating.

Shang Rui smiled with his eyes fixated on her, but that wicked smile made her totally uneasy. 

“If Shang Shaoye doesn’t want to eat for the time being, why don’t we go over the contract first?”

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