SWDP – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: My very best husband!

What’s even more heart throbbing is that despite the man’s detachment and  indifference, when his looks at the girl, his eyes are brimming will doting.

The affection between the two is so dazzling that the pink bubbles in the cashier’s heart almost burst out!

Even that height difference is lovable!

The cashier has never seen such flawlessness even from the countless Korean dramas. The two stood in front of her to pay the bill, which made her heart beat thump faster. 

“Miss, we want to check out.” Mu Huan reminded the cashier who appears at a loss.

Realizing that she was in the clouds, the cashier snapped back to her senses, smiled awkwardly and settled their account. 

Seeing Bao Junyan, who pulled out his card to pay the bill, a moment of speechlessness suddenly poured over Mu Huan. 

The man who carried her books the moment he saw her holding them and even paid the bill is her husband, a very handsome man, a specially cool man, her Prince Charming and peerless husband!

She can’t give a name to what she is feeling.

After settling the bill, Bao Junyan carried the bag in one hand and left while holding Mu Huan with the other. 

Watching the back view of the two, several shop assistants and cashiers gathered together, their girls’ hearts racing!

“God! This picture is too beautiful!”

“Uh-huh! I almost thought we’re  in a romantic scene!”

“It would be nice if I had such a boyfriend …”

“I wish I had…”

“But … when did that little beauty come? Why didn’t I see her come in?” Because there were so few guests in the evening, when they come in, they would all notice them subconsciously.

“I didn’t see her either …”

“Maybe we all busy when she arrived.”

Outside the door.

While Mu Huan watched the pouring rain, her eyes stopped on the electric motorcycle she parked on the opposite side, and her heart hurt a little. Under such heavy rain, Xiao Meng will definitely take a taxi back. There is no parking area nearby to avoid rain and park the electric motorcycle. If her beloved motorcycle were to stay there all night, she’s not sure if it will weather the rain. 

“What’s wrong?” Bao Junyan stopped and asked.

“Actually, I came by my electric motorcycle, that’s the one. I want to get it back, or else it would be damaged.” Mu Huan stretched her finger towards her ride. 

Bao Junyan followed her finger. 

Because Mu Huan often travels far away, where ordinary electric bikes can’t reach, she bought a big electric bike with a mileage of over 100 kilometers.

Bao Junyan ascertained that the heavy bike that hit his eyes is totally dangerous for a petite girl to ride.  

“Then let it break down. You are not allowed to ride such in the future. If you want to go somewhere, I’ll let the driver take you there.”

Mu Huan, “…”

Did she just dig her own grave?

 No! She couldn’t watch her beloved bike break down!

“Husband, husband, get someone to take it back. It’s a good ride, even if I don’t use it, I can give it to a friend, and I will feel bad letting it get damaged here!” She grabbed Bao Junyan’s arm and pled coyly.

Bao Junyan, “…”

“Husband, my very very best husband, my most wonderful husband, please …please….” Mu Huan shook his arm while blinking her eyes shamelessly, acting cute was even called to action.

Bao Junyan, “…”

Can he refuse?

“Give it away when you get it back, don’t ride it again!”

“En, en.” Mu Huan nodded immediately.

However, looking at her adamance, Bao Junyan wondered if she would really stop riding. 

The more they got along, the more he realized that his little wife is somewhat different from his cognition.

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