EP – Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Impulse is the devil

“I discarded all your clothes and gave them to Miss Liu.” The man watched the stock market report on the computer and commanded without raising his head. “Cosmetics, jewelry, watches … In short, buy everything you need!”

He told her before to buy some clothes to wear, what T-shirts, jeans… does she look like his, Mu Tianye’s, woman?

His woman should wear the best and use the best …

The dress on her has been prepared by him and she hasn’t been to the dressing room today. At the thought of all her clothes he dumped into the trash can, Ning Xiaofei flew into a rage.

“Mu Tianye!” She turned to her side, raised her right hand, she slammed the laptop screen that he has just opened. Then, pointed her finger up to his nose. “I tell you, if I can’t find my Doraemon, I … I will fight with you!”

Losing the others was fine since they’re worthless anyway. But the Doraemon was a gift from her mother. Although it was n’t worth much, it was her most valuable possession. She has worn it for several years until she could no longer button it up. It’s the only one she kept for years. 

The man’s eyes were fixed, watching the little girl’s finger pointing at his brows.


Dead girl, three days without a beating and she’s back to her energetic self. It seems that yesterday torture wasn’t enough!

“I …” Ning Xiaofei took a look at her finger in the air, flicked it a bit, and then stretched out to rub his wrinkled brows. “I mean, I … I want to talk to my husband. Let ’s work hard together! Hey, husband, don’t frown, you’ll get wrinkles, it’ll stain your beauty!”

Forget it!

In the light of her performance last night, he’ll let her off. 

The man let her rub his frown away, then said lightly: “All the things in your box are still there. I didn’t let Miss Liu throw them.”

Ning Xiaofei was relieved. Her box was full of small items that she was more concerned about. These things are all there.

“Then I’ll go buy and buy. Work hard, I won’t delay your precious time, hehe!” She smiled flatteringly and helped him open the laptop again, grinned softly, and quickly got out of the car, quickly rushing towards the exit.

The driver hurriedly chased after her, “Madam, there parking exit here, and the elevator is here.”

“Oh!” Ning Xiaofei braked and turned back. When passing the car, she did not forget to smile at him. Looking at the little girl’s back, Mu Tianye raised an eyebrow, and couldn’t help chuckling. “Little fool!”



Ning Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief as she entered the elevator going up.

“Sure enough, impulse is the devil!”

 Fortunately, she is witty, and she’s regrouped fast enough, or else, she’d be knocked down by Mu Tianye again. 

Beside her, the driver smirked. 

But his heart was full of sighs. For so long following Mu Tianye’s side, he saw for the first time someone daring to point at Mu Tianye’s nose, but in the end escaped unscathed. 

His master really indulges this little lady!

When the elevator stopped at the women’s floor, Ning Xiaofei crossed her hands behind her and strolled along the aisle between various boutiques. She glanced around and cheered.

“LV, CHANEL, GUCCI … here I come!”

As soon as her words fell, she heard a contemptuous sneer behind her.

“Country bumpkin!”

Ning Xiaofei heard and raised a brow.

Turning around, she squinted at the person while the corner of her lips rose up arrogantly.

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