SWPF – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Insensitive Xiao Zhi

He Lian Xi’s performance in cultural classes was poor and she could not find a better adjective.

She even wonders if Huo Jinchen had deliberately left her behind.

“He Lian Xi, I warn you, if you dare to do anything to me, I will tell my brother. He will ignore you.” Cheng Jiaojiao threatened. 

“Why would I do something to you? Obviously, my third brother doesn’t want your data. In fact, he was just looking for an excuse to be alone with my third sister-in-law. My brother’s memory has always been excellent, and your face sure has topped his list.”

He Lian Xi left after speaking. She reckoned that her San ge must have really gone into a romantic couple tour with her San sao. 

Oh, man!

Sure enough, men are chauvinist pigs. 

“I let them prepare hairy crabs and crayfish for dinner, would you like to eat them?” Knowing that she likes fish, Huo Jinchen deemed it proper to like these too!

The little girl has been wronged today. It seems that he should have introduced her earlier.

Else, there wouldn’t have been a distasteful day as today.

Lu Xingzhi’s eyes lit up again, sparkling, like the bright stars in the night sky.

“I want spicy crayfish.”

“Okay.” Huo Jinchen caressed her head lovingly, “You’ve been wronged today.”

“I’m fine, I was just pretending.” Lu Xingzhi said honestly.

Actually, she doesn’t like her face that much, it’s prone to trouble. She has always listened to others saying that she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t think so.

It’s too delicate and attracts bullying.

Unless she were to do something bad, it’d come handy. 

“It doesn’t matter.” Huo Jinchen didn’t care if Lu Xingzhi was pretending, anyway, he’s determined that she was wronged.

Naturally, he would not let those few people go.

No one but him can bully her.

“Xi Xi hasn’t come yet?” Lu Xingzhi still remembered He Lian Xi, and looked around.

“She’s been here many times, so she’s very familiar with the place. You don’t need to worry about her.” Huo Jinchen pulled her and continued on their way.

“Oh!” Lu Xing nodded knowingly. She suddenly stood still and looked up at him, “but I didn’t really want to stroll around.”

Huo Jinchen: “…”

Could it be that she really is too young age so she’s this insensitive?

“Then let’s go over to the restaurant.”


The two headed over to the restaurant, and again waited until the food was served on the table. Lu Xingzhi still has to see He Lian Xi’s shadow so she asked, “How come Xixi is still not here?”

“Do you like her so much?” How long had it been, this little fiancee has already asked him twice.

“Xixi is very cute and lively.”

“She went back a little bit in advance and told me to inform you.” Huo Jinchen just received He Lian Xi’s WeChat message on his mobile phone and was quite satisfied with her insight.

The moment he finished speaking, a beep from Lu Xingzhi’s WeChat rang. 

It was from He Lian Xi.

Xiao Zhi, I have an urgent matter to attend to so I left earlier. I’ll pick you up tomorrow!

He Lian Xi really struggled sending two messages with entirely different contents.

The one she sent to Huo Jinchen was obviously of flattery.

San ge, I won’t be your lightbulb so I went back first. I wish you a quick victory in capturing Xiao Zhi. 

“I also received her message. She said that she would pick me up tomorrow.” Lu Xingzhi eyes were bent on the corners, obviously looking forward to it.

He Lian Xi is a very interesting girl, not at all like her, boring, and undoubtedly without charms. 

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