TOCH – Chapter 380

Chapter 380: The urge to embrace him

He laid down countless possibilities on his way back, except for her being calm. 

So calm to the point where she’s detached from him having other women. 

Her nonchalance provoked an inexplicable rage in his chest.

Having stimulated her to this degree, but came up with nothing, should he say that her brainpower is too strong or that she’s just unconcerned?

Luo Yibei pulled his tie from his neckline restlessly, tossed it aside casually, stood up and went upstairs.

He stomped as if in rage with heavy footsteps that even with his soft-soled slippers, his tread on his way upstairs rang clear as  it could be. 

Sitting on the sofa, Fang Chixia watched him leave calmly, confused if she has said anything wrong.

A cold war ensued.

When Fang Chixia returned to the room, she felt that the entire villa was shrouded in low pressure, and the temperature was several degrees cold.

The season is still a bit hot during the day and cool at night. It couldn’t be called cold, but when Fang Chixia turned in for the night, her whole body couldn’t help but shiver. 

Peeking at Luo Yibei close at hand, in spite of herself, she had the urge to drill in his arms. 

But, with their awkward relationship at the moment, the impulse was utterly drowned out. 

She had suffered a little insomnia for the past two days, but had to get up very early the next day. When she went to Rongxi, she was still not with Luo Yibei.

Fortunately, Su Ran did not come today.

Not that she doesn’t want to see her, but just against the chance of Luo Yibei pestering her again in her presence!

Without Su Ran, Fang Chixia was relieved. She worked on her own space, feeling that the air was a lot fresher. 

She brought lunch today. At noon, she didn’t eat out, but instead stayed in her seat.

Usually, it’s only her and Luo Yibei who are left in the department at noon. If Luo Yibei is not there, she is alone.

Today she and Luo Yibei are both there.

Fang Chixia took out her insulated lunch box, opened the box, was about to settle lunch with her cutlery out ready, when the door of Luo Yibei’s office suddenly opened, and his figure emerged from it.

His glance landed on her lunch boxes, as he walked over and pushed her alongside the chair she was sitting in, then moved to another chair to sit where she had just been.

Then before Fang Chixia’s burning glare, he took hold of her tableware and began munching on her lunch poker-faced, “I told you that you should prepare one more.”

He shamelessly pushed her away and robbed her of her stuff without blinking an eye. 

He has never done this kind of robbing before. Fang Chixia was famished, but watching the food that was supposed to enter her mouth gone to another, she found it intolerable. 

“You have to buy one downstairs yourself!” She moved her stool and pushed him aside.

“My assistant is only you now, so you go.” Luo Yibei ignored her and handed her a gold card, then took her lunchbox into the office.

Fang Chixia gnashed her teeth. 

What is wrong with him?

Is this his torture in disguise?

Fang Chixia was so annoyed. But with her stomach still empty, she has no energy to let out the fire. 

She could only head down with the card. 

Since it was Luo Yibei’s card anyway, she can go to any of the fine dining restaurants near Rongxi, which costs tens of hundreds of times more expensive than restaurants outside.

4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 380”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    He always assumed that she married him for his status and power but then when she doesn’t act the way he wants he gets angry. Now that he’s falling for her, is it so hard to express it in such a way by trying to make her jealous instead of talking to her, yet here he is raging because she doesn’t give him the expected reaction that he wants.


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