SWDP – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Completely different!

Mu Huan signaled her that’s she’d answer the phone first. After the line was connected, Li Meng didn’t dare breathe.

Mu Huan, “Husband, have you arrived?”

 “Yeah, downstairs.”

“I’ll go to the bathroom, just wait for me.”


After hanging up, Mu Huan accelerated the pace of her hands. 

She brushed her hair while letting Li Meng spread out the books she helped her pick, memorizing what those books are.

Because her hair was short, her hair was almost dry soon after. Mu Huan once again felt that keeping her hair short to save time was the wisest decision she has ever made!

“Xiao Meng, please pack these up and wait for us to leave for a time before you follow.” Bao Junyan has met Li Meng before, but Li Meng is still dressed up in their costume. Just in case he saw them earlier, it is safer to leave long after they’re gone.

“Alright, I know, be careful!”

In a flash, rain suddenly start to fall out the window. 

Thinking that Mu Huan might not have an umbrella, Bao Junyan got out of the car and brought one with him. When he entered the bookstore, Mu Huan happened to have just came downstairs with some books.

Neat short hair, wearing a pink doll collar dress, barefaced without a hint of make up, she looks entirely pink, clean and cute. 

At the sight of her, the shadow lurking in Bao Junyan’s heart disappeared instantly. His family is so sweet, so diligent and well-behaved, completely different from those little girls who are idle and senseless, always on the lookout for fun. 

Mu Huan felt inexplicably nervous when she saw him. She bowed her head low instinctively and minced her steps towards him. On the way, she desperately held onto her wits and repeatedly comforted herself, don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. 

She was so engrossed in shaping up her mental state that she failed to notice Bao Junyan approaching her. With her head hanging low, she crashed directly into his strong arms. 

She looked up in panic, embodying a frightened sprite, she looked so cute he wanted to rub her hair and soothe her. 

Bao Junyan did so and ruffled her head, “You have a problem with bowing, you have to change it.”

Every time she sees him, she looks down.

“En.” Mu Huan instinctively wanted to lower her head again, but was stopped by his big hand.

“From now on, if you want to talk to me, you have to raise your head up before speaking.” Bao Junyan somehow recalled her drunkenness and decided that her liveliness then was much better than her usual bowing.

Mu Huan looked up, smiling awkwardly.

Bao Junyan said nothing more at her discomfort. His gaze landed on the books in her hands, “Do you like pharmacy?”

“My university major is pharmacy.” Shifting the topic, Mu Huan’s nervousness lessened and in a heartbeat, her speech returned to normal.

 “Oh.” Bao Junyan suddenly realized that he knew too little about his young wife. He only knew that she started her freshman year this year and didn’t know what major she is studying.

“I’ve minored in pharmacy for some time so you can ask me anything later if you have difficulties.” An indescribable feeling settled in Bao Junyan’s heart the moment he finished speaking. He feels like he’s been to college ages ago, but his wife has just started college. 

 “En En!” Mu Huan nodded again and again.

“Give them to me.” Bao Junyan reached out to help her with her books.

Mu Huan wanted to say no, but seeing his stretched hand, he certainly won’t take no for an answer so she obediently handed them to him. 

Bao Junyan took the books to checkout counter while Mu Huan quickly followed.

The cashier was thunderstruck at the picture of the two mainly because she has never seen a stunning and perfectly matched couple like them. The man is tall and cold, graced with a face that could rival Adonis, he could drive nuns crazy!

The girl is petite and beautiful, her small face is white and delicate, exuding a fragility which seemingly could be scratched even with a puff from the books.

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