EP – Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Angel or shit

Stuffing the strawberry in her mouth, Ning Xiaofei went to him holding a plate and sat beside him, her eyes falling on the screen of his laptop.

Mu Tianye raised his finger and clicked on the “recent contacts” column.

“This is Pei Ruoxi’s mailbox, right?”

Ning Xiaofei glanced past him and really saw the mailbox starting with “Angela-PEI” on the screen.

“The name should be hers, but … I’ve never emailed her!”

Pei Ruoxi’s English name is Angela, which everyone knows, but Ning Xiaofei didn’t know her email address. For all the documents and correspondence between them, they were all printed directly handed to her, the two never emailed each other.

Mu Tianye sneered.

“That’s right!”

“You mean …” The strawberry in her mouth were chewed halfway, and Ning Xiaofei blinked, she turned to examine Mu Tianye’s expression and her eyes rolled. The sleepiness that was still plaguing her head was instantly swept away, “Yes, it is her! It must be that day, that morning when we danced and I went to the company to get a contract. I originally wanted to delete the contents of my mailbox, when people from Fengyun Media came over … No wonder later it was shown that it was not deleted, this damned bastard!”

She rose angrily from the sofa, “I’ll go to her now, no … I’ll call the police now!”

Mu Tianye just frowned as she charged towards the door as if a ball of fire.

 Impulsive little fool!

Based on the email address of a recent contact in her mailbox, can the police trust her?

They are colleagues, and Pei Ruoxi can get away with it with whatever excuse she can think of. 


Ning Xiaofei hummed into a stop.


“Come back!”

“What is it? That nasty bitch schemed to tidy me up, should I let her go? Angela, angel? I think she’s mostly shit!”

In a fit, she also blurted Ye Qiao’s nickname for Pei Ruoxi.

The man didn’t speak, but just gently tipped his chin to the open space next to him.

Ning Xiaofei reluctantly walked back towards the computer and sat back on the sofa.

In the meantime, Mu Tianye’s cell phone on the coffee table rang.

“Chief Mu, I’m with the Xu Team right now. They just went through the security department of the TV station. The archives are incomplete, and the footage that day are not available. Security said that there are times when records are incomplete due to lack of storage. But I suspect that someone deliberately deleted it.”

A sinister smile rose on Mu Tianye’s lips.

“Notice all the staff in the column group. Tell them I want to have a celebratory banquet for them, in congratulations on the opening of “Dialogue with God “. You can arrange specifics!”

“Okay, Chief Mu.”

Beside him, Ning Xiaofei was filled with consternation. Watching him drop the phone, she immediately asked in confusion.

“Husband, what do you mean?”

Mu Tianye gently tossed the phone on the coffee table and wiped off the strawberry juice on her chin.

“I’m hungry, let’s go for breakfast!”

Seeing that he wouldn’t expound on it, Ning Xiaofei didn’t bother asking. In any case, he wouldn’t explain no matter what.

By the time the two had finished their breakfast, the driver started the car downstairs and drove them to a famous shopping center. 

“Choose what you like, you don’t need to look at the price tag.” The man flipped his laptop open and raised his chin and motioned the driver without raising his head.

“But … I don’t lack clothes!”

Women, of course, like to buy till they drop, but she has received such a valuable gift that he just bought her back only yesterday. She’s reluctant to spend his money again.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Ms. Pei Ruoxi you chose the wrong person to scheme against, wife slave Mu Tianye will see to it that you suffer 😏


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