LLW – Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Tried to move this lord’s woman?

“You’re stupid……Feng Chuge retorted wryly, with clear disapproval written all over her pale face.

Di Jue Chen shook his head tolerantly at her stubbornness: “What a lovely woman…”

This subtle exchange between the two fell into the eyes of others.

Some people thought back on the day of the entrance test when Di Jue Chen personally came to watch the happenings and everything was made clear right off. 

Nobody noticed that in a corner, Yan Qing’s pair of beautiful crimson eyes were fixated at Feng Chuge.

Both hands on her sides were clenched tightly, and even the nails were completely embedded in her palms.

Yan Qing really couldn’t figure it out, how Feng Chuge could have any relationship with Di Jue Chen!

Di Jue Chen, a sought after sovereign in Tiandifu, is beyond any woman’s reach in the mainland, even more so outside the continent. 

The Yan Family is a figurehead at the top of the pyramid in Tiandifu.

Since childhood, she and other women of other families have admired Di Jue Chen.

He is reputed to be a cold man by nature, with an arrogant character, and doesn’t anyone in his eyes. 

But at the moment …

Yan Qing’s eyes flickered back and forth between Feng Chuge and Di Jue Chen.

If eyes could kill, Feng Chuge would have died of a thousand cuts a long time ago.

Her crazed eyes were transmitted clearly to Feng Chuge. 

Recalling what Yan Qing has made mention before, a cold chill settled before Feng Chuge’s eyes. 

She and Yan Qing’s bridge is completely knotted!

Her eyes narrowed sharply, but in the same moment, a crippling pain struck her meridian.

The pain wrenched her brows. 

Di Jue Chen was keenly aware of Feng Chuge’s strangeness. “I’ll take you for treatment first.”

With Feng Chuge in his arms, he made a move to leave. 

 Elder Qian intended to kill Feng Chuge, but was interrupted by Di Jue Chen when he was about to succeed. How can he let them go so easily?

Seeing Di Jue Chen about to take Feng Chuge away, Elder Qian came forward desperately.

“My lord, please stay.”

Di Jue Chen stopped in his tracks.

He remained on his spot and turned slowly.

His purple eyes narrowed with no trace of emotion on that cold face.

But a purple glow overflowed beneath his gaze.

If it weren’t for the fact that his eyes were slightly drooping, the people on the side would certainly be able to see the murderous glare in his eyes.

That’s right, pure murder.

The chill in Di Jue Chen’s heart dropped even lower as he looked at Elder Qian.

It was this man who hurt his woman …

“Yes?” The cold, frosty face without any trace of expression remained as Di Jue Chen asked indifferently.

Elder Qian was again dumbfounded and replied: “My Lord, the woman in your arms is a sinner of Yuntian College. She killed my son Qian Ba and violated the taboo of Yuntian College—”

 “Sinner?” Di Jue Chen’s thin lips lightened. “It seems that Elder Qian’s accounts are clear. This sin is another account on your head.”

With that said, Di Jue Chen’s voice suddenly turned icy, “The son you have cultivated tried to move this Lord’s woman, say … what taboo have you committed?”

On hearing that, Elder Qian’s pupils shrank.

He did not expect that Di Jue Chen would protect Feng Chuge so much! He thought that Di Jue Chen’s presence was merely a coincidence, and saving Feng Chuge was nothing more than a gesture in the passing. But now, it is clear that he thought wrong!

Elder Qian moved his lips and wanted to say something, but when he saw Di Jue Chen looking at him meaningfully, he halted listening to him say, “These, Elder Qian, go back and think carefully, this Lord has not much time much left. 

He lifted his feet and flew away. 

Feng Chuge’s injuries can’t be delayed!

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