LLW – Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Advanced!!

Yan Qing snapped back to her senses —

Her eyes zoomed in fright as she ducked away to avoid them.

Inspite of that, she failed to dodge all of the silver needles.

Two of them pierced straight through Yan Qing’s knees along with a tremendous current!!

“Ah…” Yan Qing wailed.

She glanced again at Feng Chuge, her eyes full of indignation.

But in the end, she flew away with gritted teeth.

How could she not understand the status quo?

Right now, she can’t beat Feng Chuge at all!!

Her white dress fluttered behind as she disappeared from sight in an instant.

Feng Chuge sneered watching Yan Qing who fled with her tail between her legs.

Just then, a strange current surged within her.

Feng Chuge flinched.

This is….

She’s going to advance!!

Recently, there has been no progress in her spiritual power, but due the duel just a moment ago, she’s going to advance —

And the greatest taboo during spiritual advancement was external interruption.

Right at this moment, she’s still far from their own yard.

Feng Chuge combed her surroundings and finally vaulted behind a rockery.

The energy within her slowly boiled.

Every inch of her body started to tear painfully.

Every advancement is a torment and the higher one’s power grows, the more excruciating the pain one has to suffer.

Feng Chuge sat cross-legged and drew the spiritual power from her dantian to her meridians.

The burning spiritual power rushed through her meridians.

And the tearing pain… was growing increasingly intolerable.

Though she has gone through several advancement, this torture was something she found hard to adapt to.


Feng Chuge’s shiverred open.

Today, after she received the heart of the hail, she stored all her pills inside.

Probing into her consciousness, Feng Chuge took out an elixir and swallowed it.

This elixir was refined to ease the pain of advancement.

With the elixir, the stabbing pain in her whole body slowly eased down to a tolerable degree.

Her pale face, which turned ashen from the pain, recovered some color.

She closed her eyes again, slowly channeling the spiritual power in her body …

Feng Chuge doesn’t know how many days she’s been absorbing spiritual energy into her body, but her whole dress was soaked with sweat.

At last, she blinked open her eyes exultantly.

It’s over!!

On the spot, the rustling of leaves came from a distance —

“Damn it, next time I meet you, I’ll peel your skin off!!”

This voice….

Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed into slits as they shone coldly.

But she didn’t make a sound and just continued absorbing energy to stabilize her meridians….

Qian Ba has just returned from Elder Qian.

After his last fight against Feng Chuge, the pill he took that temporarily increased his spiritual power, greatly damaged his body. Not to mention the injury he suffered from Feng Chuge, his whole body was now left somewhat weaker.

Qian Ba and Elder Qian do not live together. For the past days, he has been touring to Elder Qian’s quarters to heal his wounds every day, in an attempt to heal faster, and participate in the class test shortly after.

Qian Ba was walking alone on the path while grunting uncomfortably.

Reminded of Feng Chuge’s arrogance that day, he couldn’t help but grumble and curse.

“Bitch, wait for me to recover. See how I’ll deal with you then!”

Qian Ba walked further, and suddenly found a trail of white smoke rising from the mountain.

He followed the trail curiously, and was surprised when he saw a blue-clad woman behind the rockery.

When he recognized that pale face again, he was ecstatic.

Doesn’t she look like she was seriously injured?


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