LLW – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Too grand a meet-and-greet.

Inky hair swirled in the air as the icy blue dressed woman flipped up and down along with the sweeping current.

The spiritual shield grew larger and larger as it absorbed the divine lights…

Yan Qing with her hands raised opposite her still continued shooting from her palms.

At this moment, there is only one word to describe what erupted deep in her heart.

That’s…. horrified!!

She knew that Feng Chuge’s strength was not to be underestimated, but never did it occur to her that she has reached the realm of a spiritual great master!!

The moment Feng Chuge struck back, Yan Qing discovered Feng Chuge’s real strength.

The bottom of her eyes were stained with mad jealousy.

Yan Qing refused to be defeated by a commoner.

With Feng Chuge’s expanding spiritual shield, oppression that came in waves attacked Yan Qing.

Her eyes widened in astonishment.

“How could this be……?”

They obviously belong to the same realm, how could her momentum beat hers?!!

Before her mind wrapped around this realization, another wave of momemtum battered her.

“Pop!!” In the blink of an eye, the ball of spiritual light she had amassed was shattered.

And Yan Qing was bodily driven back a few steps.

Feng Chuge reined in her spiritual power and looked icily at Yan Qing.

“Do you want to kill me? But… you don’t seem capable of killing me….” Contempt painted the arc on her lips.

She’s an pharmacist.

Pharmacists and charmers rely heavily on mental strength.

The stronger the mental strength, the higher the fighting index for people of equal strength.

It is exactly for this reason that she ended up in a triumph against Yan Qing.

Yan Qing, who rolled back a distance away, could hardly believe it.

How could this be?

How could she be beaten by a seventh class student!!

She is Yan Qing, a renowned genius since her childhood….

Defeating her is inconceivable!!

She raised her eyes, confronting the taunting gaze of Feng Chuge.

Rage poured over her eyes.

She straightened up all of a sudden and armed herself with several needles in one hand and the same ball of light in the other.

The ball of light struck Feng Chuge directly, who leaped up and spinned, countering the ball of light with her own spiritual light.

Just then, a strange sound caught her ear —

The sound of tiny objects penetrating the air.

Her lips again curved up in mockery.

This Yan Qing, she really has to wield unscrupulous means just to deal with her, does she?

Just when the silver needles were a hair’s breath away from Feng Chuge, she again took flight once more….

While an intense glow radiated from her, freezing the fine needles mid-air.

These fine neeldles were substantially thinner than embroidery needles.

If one doesn’t look thoroughly, they would pierced undetected.

Feng Chuge reached out and pinched one silver needle frozen mid-air.

“What’s this? Did Yan Qing shijie intend to give me a gift?”

Yan Qing’s eyes widened anew.

She stared at Feng Chuge, unable to restrain the resentment and shock from her eyes —

Who is she?

How could have a high cultivation at such a young age?

Yan Qing’s pupils grew bigger and bigger, and stood rooted on the ground.

At the same moment, Feng Chuge scoffed coldly, “This is too grand a meet-and-greet, but you should enjoy it by yourself!”

Yan Qing was so distraught that her momentum suddenly weakened.

As soon as Feng Chuge raised her hand, the silver needles reversed and charged straight towards Yan Qing …


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