LLW – Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Teach you how to behave

Yao Ye narrowed his eyes and looked at Feng Chuge.

Having been held in the demon tower for so many years, he has already sworn that he would devote his soul willingly to anyone who’d save him.

The oat of a beast would always exist for all times.

He burst into laughter while looking at Feng Chuge.


Fortunately, she’s smart and wise….

“Revenge, I’ll definitely will.” Yao Ye uttered mildly, his tone hinting of silky evil breath. “But you saved me and from now on, I’m truly destitute and homeless……You have to stay with me. “

“…” Feng Chuge’s lips rose.

Looking at the man who’s smiling increasingly evil, Feng Chuge scolded him for being this shameless!!

Her gaze swept over Yao Ye’s red eyes and frowned. Something must be done to hide the colors of Yao Ye’s eyes, otherwise he would be regarded as a monster if the moment he steps out.

Elder Yang considered Yao Ye for a moment and proposed, “If you’re looking for accommodation, I’ll take care of it.”

“Alright.” Feng Chuge nodded.

Over the past few days, she has also seen thoroughly that in the entire Yuntian College, apart from the dean, the person who has the most say is Elder Yang.

“Yao Ye, go with Elder Yang first, I’ll see you when I have time.” Feng Chuge said.

Yao Ye hesitated, but after thinking about it, he agreed.


Since Feng Chuge rescued Yao Ye and fulfilled her promise, this load on her mind was considered resolved.

She went back to their own yard alone.

The path was windy and silent.

The unsealing in the demon tower lasted a bit longer, and the people in the classes have long dispersed.

At the speed of light, a powerful momentum struck in the distance.

Sensing the attack, Feng Chuge’s pupils shrank a bit —

“Feng Chuge, you dare to touch my people!” It was a clear voice and as it rang, a powerful force emerged from all directions.

At the same time, a woman in white flew up from a distance.

The woman stockings were dusty, but they matched her immortal lithe figure making her look real beautiful.

Her white dress, in particular, puts her temperament on the line.

It’s a pity that such a ravishing woman was now clouded with hatred and disgust, diminishing her beauty to an all-time low.

Feng Chuge examined the woman through narrowed eyes.

She … isn’t she the person who almost killed her with her eyes today?

Her red lips instantly hooked up, “I assume you must be the distinguished Yan Qing shijie?”

Yan Qing was not surprised that Feng Chuge recognized her.

No one in the entire Yuntian College doesn’t know of her appearance.

Since she entered the college, she was regarded the most beautiful woman in Yuntian College.

Whether in Yuntian College or in the former Tiandifu, she has always been the proud daughter of the heavens.

But ever since Feng Chuge entered Yuntian College, her limelight has been completely overshadowed.

How could that maker her happy?

Moreover, her fight with Rong Lian Meng today, she witnessed everything herself.

Rong Liang Meng provoked her under her banner, but she still ended up defeated in Feng Chuge’s hands. In Yan Qing’s eyes, this was clearly challenging her!

Yan Qing measured Feng Chuge icily.

Feng Chuge’s gorgeous looks gave birth to jealousy, which spilled over her eyes, “Xiao shimei, you touched my people the moment you came to the college, how can you be so ignorant of the rules? It seems it my job to teach you how to behave!!’

With that, Yan Qing’s whole body exuded a momentous breath.

She charged straight at Feng Chuge without any precautions.


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