TOCH – Chapter 368

Chapter 368: The whole world knows how close you are

A flicker of irritation swelled in her heart.

If they wanted to reminisce about their sweet innocent chilhood days or them being innocent playmates, just do it when they are all alone. Why drag her here to listen exclusively?

Was she afraid that the whole world wouldn’t know how close they are?

She’s sorry to say, but the real wife is right in front of her!

Fang Chixia’s frustration at the numbers kicked in at the moment, so regardless of Luo Yibei’s presence beside her, she blurted out of the blue, ” You’re the adultererous couple!”

The four words rang with clarity, although she muttered inaudibly, so how could Su Ran hear it.

But with Luo Yibei’s keen hearing plus he was sitting next to her, it naturally pierced his ears.

His face sank, his face slightly distorted.

“Miss Fang, what did you say?” The corner of his lips ticked coldly, and asked dourly.

“I haven’t said anything.” Fang Chixia calmly returned, lowered her head and continued battling with the flood of numbers.

Her retort was unflinching giving the impression that she really said nothing.

Her casual attitude dropped the temperature in Luo Yibei’s eyes colder.

This account will be listed in his black book!

Fang Chixia carried on inspecting the thick stack of data sheets.

The interruption disrupted the conversation between the two and hushed the office for a moment. But not a minute after, Su Ran’s voice rang once more.

All she talked about were her childhood with Luo Yibei. The two have a lot of stories to tell, at this trend, they won’t be finished any time soon.

Her voice is actually pretty nice. Her gentle and willowy voice was music to the ears.

Nonetheless, as Fang Chixia was reviewing a financial data, she’s prone to errors when distracted.

And with Su Ran’s noisy chatter ringing in her ears from time to time, she misread several times and had to start all over again.

Fang Chixia was annoyed. She also couldn’t tell what was wrong with her. She raised her head and suddenly shot a piercing glance at Su Ran, “Can you be quiet? You’re disturbing me!”

Her light voice, without a trace of personal emotion, was purely a reminder.

Su Ran was floored. With the admonishment coming from an assistant, her face stiffened and finally turned her eyes to Luo Yibei.

Luo Yibei on the other hand was pleased. He didn’t even rebuke Fang Chixia for being rude.

Outside the door, a knock burst.

Followed by Sha Zhixing’s voice, “Yibei, open the door!”

Luo Yibei stood up, walked a few steps, and opened the door for her.

Sha Zhixing didn’t come in either, just handed him a female jacket in her hand, “Su Ran’s, I accidentally took it away when we left Su Ran past twelve the night before, help me thank her.”

She was holding a very thin coat in her hand, with fine colors and feminine design, which fits Su Ran’s style perfectly.

Past twelve the night before, he and Sha Zhixing left together?

Were both mother and son there that night?

The night before the big day was the night when Fang Chixia called Luo Yibei for help and Su Ran received it. She always thought that Luo Yibei was alone with his lover …

Sha Zhixing’s voice was raised a bit louder, and as she spoke, she glanced quietly at Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia’s shrewdness quickly latched on what Sha Zhixing was trying to convey.

Her drooping face slowly lifted up, and her gaze fell on Luo Yibei.

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