SWPF – Chapter 29.1

Chapter 29: Is he old?

Lu Xingzhi treats Huo Jinchen as an elder, and takes it for granted that Huo Jinchen regards her as just a junior.

Therefore, she no longer opposed holding hands.

It’s her guess that he doesn’t treat her as an adult woman.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

When all is said and done, is this a sign of him being old?

But then, if coming from Lu Xingzhi, he has really no way to refute it.

Seeing Huo Jinchen walking downstairs while holding Lu Xingzhi’s hand, traces of pampering and patience are apparent between his brows. The servants witnessing this below decided to better attend to Lu Xingzhi well and and do what they were told.

Besides, Lu Xingzhi has never made demands on them.

Now, with Huo Jinchen’s warning, they dare not take it lightly.

Anyhow, whoever the big boss wants to be his wife is none of their business. They should take care of their job. As long as they perform well in their duties, Huo Jinchen will definitely not treat them badly.

Unlike them, Zhuo Yixing is of different thoughts. He thinks that Huo Jinchen treats Lu Xingzhi as something novel and absolutely nothing more.

It won’t last long.

When He Lianyi returned home, he found Chen Xinzi also there.

“Xinzi jie, what brings you here today?”

“I just dropped by to visit you.” After Chen Xinzi said so, she sullenly continued: “He Lianyi, I went to third brother’s house today.”

“You went to the third brother’s house?!!” He Lianyi was surprised, and asked, “Then you saw third brother?”

Chen Xinzi shook her head, “No, I went to see Lu Xingzhi.”

“What did you see her for?” He Lianyi asked in displeasure, but naturally, it wasn’t directed at Chen Xinzi.

In fact, he isn’t targeting Lu Xingzhi. His hostility towards her all stems from Chen Xinzi’s love for Huo Jinchen.

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