SWPF – Chapter 29.2

“Xinzi jie, otherwise, you’d better give up on third brother! You …” He Lianyi pursed his lips, although what he is about to say is hurtful, he still could not help but say: “Xinzi jie, if third brother really likes you, you needn’t have waited for Lu Xingzhi to become his fiancee.”

“Xiao Yi, do you also think that I’m not worthy of third brother? I have worked very hard to make myself better.” Chen Xinzi exported and shed tears in an instant. “Xiao Yi, you also know, I liked him the first time I saw him.”

“Xinzi jie, don’t cry!” He Lianyi is frantic: “Xinzi jie, there are countless exemplary men all around the country, but you’re only narrowed your scope on third brother. But third brother….”

Third brother said, he will never like you!

Third brother said, he likes a beautiful woman.

Glancing at the tearful Chen Xinzi, He Lianyi blabbed, but still held himself from saying those that would hurt her.

Chen Xinzi isn’t that bad, but there is still a certain shortfall that would surely tempt a man’s attention.

In contrast, Lu Xingzhi, forget it, there’s no good mentioning her.

Lu Xingzhi is really not worthy of his third brother.

It’s Lu Xingzhi that’s now driving a lot of people unhappy.

“But I only like Huo Jinchen. The first time I saw him, no else could capture my eyes.” Chen Xinzi grabbed He Lianyi’s sleeves. “If she were really worthy of him, I would recognize her. But Lu Xingzhi is only after third brother’s money.”

Chen Xinzi looked up at He Lianyi with eyes brimming with tears: “Xiao Yi, Lu Xingzhi said it herself, she loves vanity and is greedy for money, how can such a person be worthy of the noble and elegant Huo Jinchen.

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