TOCH – Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Please help me

Fang Chixia did not look back and went straight upstairs.

Returning to the room, she opened the quilt and lay into bed. Without waiting for him to return to the room, she hugged her pillow to continue sleeping.

As she was about to sleep drowsily, the door was pushed open and the other side of the bed sunk as Luo Yibei’s scent wafted near.

His warm breath closeby seemed to wrap Fang Chixia in around a warm breath, obviously due to his presence, but she never lifted an eyelid.

Luo Yibei simply refused to believe she was asleep.

How could she fall asleep at such a short time?

He stretched his long arms and brought her to his chest, letting her rest beside him.

Fang Chixia stiffened in an instant and elbowed him.

It may have appeared random, but she was pushing away in silence.

A scornful arc rose from the corner of Luo Yibei’s lips, disdaining of her movements.

A pale gaze glanced at her hand, before he grabbed hold of her wrist, and wrapped her hand on his waist.

His highhandedness annoyed Fang Chixia to no end.

After a tryst with his lover outside, he comes home to toss her again, his stamina is truly inexhaustible!

“Luo Yibei, I’ve had enough!” She twisted her wrist in his hand and hit him fiercely. She opened the distance between herself and him coldly.

Her annoyance was tinged with a bit of anger.

Luo Yibei was dumbfounded and looked at her blankly, having no idea of the source of her anger.

In the day, she acted unaffected, but now, she’s raving mad?

A woman’s heart is really complicated!

And a woman like Fang Chixia is even more complicated!

Luo Yibei was in a bit of a huff, but he still pulled his tie and headed into the bathroom for a half-hour cold shower.

The next day, Fang Chixia was anxious to know how Fang Mingcheng was so she rushed to the hospital for a visit.

Ye Yun heard that she was coming and assumed that the Fang’s family has been saved, so she was quite jubilant.

But the moment she knew that Fang Chixia came empty-handed, she blocked her sharply without budging an inch at the door of the ward without letting her even see a glimpse of Fang Mingcheng.

Fang Chixia had no choice but to walk out of the hospital helplessly while in deep thoughts for a solution.

She really can’t approach Luo Yibei. After she borrows the 300 million from him, it might result to a more convoluted relationship in four years.

Fang Chixia lingered outside the hospital, wandering around aimlessly, and eventually, a name flashed across her mind.

She hesitated for a moment before calling Fei Si Nuo and merely asked if she could meet him.

Fei Si Nuo has extensive power and Fang Chixia has witnessed it again this time.

A few minutes after the call, his man appeared suddenly in front of her.

The meeting place for the two was a coffee shop.

Sitting opposite him, Fang Chixia bowed her head low, struggled, and raised her face slowly.

“Your Highness, can you do me a favor?”

Her indecision was plain in her voice. After all, 300 million wasn’t a small amount, even for people with money.

Fei Si Nuo stared at her deeply, his eyes were so clear as if he could see through everything.

Before Fang Chixia could continue, he slowly said: “A problem at home?”

“You know?” Fang Chixia froze, her eyes narrowing slightly in fright.

“What don’t I know in City C?” Fei Si Nuo raised a brow.

M’s corner: Can’t decide if FC’s move is correct…

10 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 358”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Honestly I can’t see why she’s bending over backwards to help this family. She stated in earlier chapters that even her adoptive father wasn’t that much of a father to her and she could barely remember having a conversation with him, even when she got married and went home to collect her things he never paid attention to her when she spoke to him before leaving. I understand she’s still grateful to their family for adopting her but why is she the only one that has to run around trying to save that family, what happened to their biological children. Also her move to ask Fei Si Nuo will definitely bite her in the back later down the line.


  2. I am still following this story despite the slow update… hopefully i can finish the story 😁 (over 1000 chapters!)…
    Nevertheless, thank you very much for the work. Really appreciate it🥰


      1. Over 3000 🤪
        I am hanging on to you for sure… and crossing my fingers that you will find the time soon for a mass release! 😘

        As for Chixia having a soft spot for adoptive dad.. I suppose having and showing gratitude to the ones (parents, primary caregivers eg gtandparents, aunts etc) who brought one up is pretty much ingrained in the Chinese way. Much more in this day and age among the Koreans who have been following Confucian philosophy as a way of life.
        Carl Jung talked about collective archetypes and filial piety is one of those archetypes.


      2. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or bad idea of her to borrow money from him 😏……. Thanks for your hard work _M_ 😀😀😀😀yeah mass release 😀


  3. Chixia’s relationship with YiBei is tragic . She ran from home to avoid her wicked adoptive family. She embraced YiBei for what he could offer her. On the surface it seems she just moved to a better house.Just as she thought things were better Su Ran appeared. YiBei is still playing games with her. Now she’s afraid that she has lost her spot. She thinks that she should move towards the separation and just tolerate what comes her way. But she must sheild her heart from him. This move to Fei Si Nuo is a bad move. But, it could cause YiBei to open up his eyes.


  4. I can’t say she is wrong with her actions, as really there is nothing wrong with it, but maybe brainstorm with Fei first and see what can be done then ask for money. I’d think she should check with the hospital to see if what Fang Mingcheng has and it’s cost before doing anything.


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