SWDP – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Clash

“Madam, don’t worry. Your husband has told your family that it was him who sent her back.” Butler Li implied that she need not worry, he has the master’s full support.

Mu Huan understood it, but …

Her temples are tingling.

In the afternoon, Mu Huan received a call from the hospital and asked her to hurry to the hospital.

Mu Huan rushed there immediately.

The Mu family has a hospital industry. The best hospital in Yuncheng is owned by the Mu Family and Mu Huan’s grandmother is now being treated there.

Mu Huan went to the hospital and saw her stepmother Bai Xuexian and Mu Kexin in her grandmother’s ward. Her eyes sank in a flash, knowing that they were here to redress Mu Kexin’s expulsion.

With her mother around, Mu Kexin is even more arrogant: “Mu Huan you s***! See if I’m not going to kill you here today!”

With that, she landed a slap cheering towards Mu Huan.

Mu Huan instinctively reached out and grabbed her wrist and clenched her hand forcefully. Mu Kexin screamed in pain, “Mom! Mom help me!”

But Bai Xuexian didn’t scold Mu Huan, instead she gave Mu Kexin a glance. Before Mu Huan came, she had already told her not to be so impulsive when she sees Mu Huan! Let her suffer a bit of pain so she’ll not be so stupid in the future, she’ll learn how to restrain herself!

“Mom …” Mu Kexin realized that she has been impulsive again.

Knowing that she has learned her lesson, Bai Xuexian glanced at Mu Huan, “Xiao Huan, are you not going to look at your grandma first?”

Mu Huan let go of Mu Kexin, looking across the glass to her grandmother who was lying on the bed, with a doctor standing beside her.

At the same time, Bai Xuexian winked at the doctor. The doctor immediately unplugged a tube from her grandmother’s monitor. Her grandmother, who had been lying peacefully there, suddenly breathed quickly. The machines representing her signs were at the same time beeping urgently.

“Grandma!” Mu Huan rushed inside, but the door was locked.

No matter how she hit the door, nothing happened.

She turned around anxiously, both of her eyes turning scarlet, like a Rakshasa coming out of hell, “Bai Xuexian, if anything happens to my grandma, I’ll let you all be buried! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

She’ll definitey kill them! Let them all die!

“I know that you will really kill us, and I also know that you have that ability now. Even now, you can go ahead and kill me, but do you really want us to be buried with your grandma? Do you think we are worth it?” Bai Xuexian raised an eyebrow.

Now is the time to be more ruthless than anyone else. If Mu Huan is cruel enough, she would watch her grandmother die then retaliate against them.

But she wouldn’t, she would never watch her grandmother die just like that.

Mu Huan looked at Bai Xuexian, and she felt 10,000 times impulsive. She wanted to rush forward and kill this vicious woman, but in the end, she could not bear it.

Like Bai Xuexian has said, she couldn’t watch her grandmother die like this.

Furthermore, her grandmother had just undergone surgery, and American experts said that her grandmother had a 90% chance of recovery.

Bai Xuexian looked at her with a sneer and motioned for the doctor to insert the tube back.

Soon, Mu Huan’s grandmother’s breathing slowly stabilized, lying there quietly, as if she was asleep, and would soon wake up.

“Want to do it again?” Bai Xuexian looked at Mu Huan.

Mu Huan’s clenched both hands on her sides.

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