EP – Chapter 183

Chapter 183: There’s no way you can fight them.

Ji Mo stood in place, watching Pei Ruoxi. Pei Ruoxi didn’t dare to meet his eyes and looked away.

Seeing her dodge, Ji Mo sighed in his heart.

“Mu Tianye has a close relationship with Ning Xiaofei, and Xicheng is also a fierce character … you can’t fight them.”

Mu Tianye’s show of affection towards Ning Xiaofei tonight has already exceeded the scope of ordinary friends. People with eyes can see that the relationship between the two is ambiguous. He just wanted to remind Pei Ruoxi to recognize the situation at hand.

His eyes stayed on Pei Ruoxi for two seconds before taking back the pendant in his fingers.

“I’m leaving.”

Pei Ruoxi hurriedly raised her face.

“Ji Mo!”

The man stopped on his tracks.

She opened her mouth, but still refused to tell the truth.

“Can I drive you back?”

Ji Mo’s brows twisted, his face stained with anger.

“There is no impenetrable wall in this world. If I can think of it, do you think they won’t? Did you really think that you could evade capture after deleting the surveillance video of the TV station? With your relationship with Ning Xiaofei, if I were Mu Tianye, who would be the first person I’d suspect?” Ji Mo raised a finger and pointed at her face, “It’s you!”

He couldn’t figure out how she, who had always been smart, could do such a stupid thing.

Did she think that after he had seen her going to the security room, he couldn’t guess what she did?

Mu Tianye’s warning earlier was very clear. He already knew who the ghost inside was. There were only a few people in the column group and the first person who had a clash with Ning Xiaofei was Pei Ruoxi …

Even without evidence, with Mu Tianye’s means, he can easily ruin her….

Pei Ruoxi pinched her fingers, her eyes quivering.

“But I … I have never done it.”

Ji Mo shook his hand and laughed at himself.

“Okay, that’s me being nosy, just treat me as nothing. Miss Pei, goodbye.”

The man turned and strode away.

Watching the man’s distant shadow, Pei Ruoxi stood still for a while and finally let go of her steps and chased after him.

“If this thing goes out, I’m done. You also know how much I’ve sacrificed and how much I paid to this day ..”

The man laughed bitterly, “Didn’t you do nothing?”

Pei Ruoxi raised her hand up and grabbed her collars. “I … I just did it on impulse. I didn’t expect it to be … it would be so serious. Are you really going to watch me go to jail?”

The girl burst into tears, and Ji Mo’s heart softened. “Go and apologize to Xiao Fei. As long as she is willing to forgive you, things should still turn around. I will help you think of a way out of the loss on Xicheng’s side.”

“No, she’ll never forgive me. The media has long reported that Xicheng lost at least 10 million, 10 million … How can I compensate him?! Ji Mo, I didn’t tell you because I … I’m so scared! “

Paying attention to the people walking nearby, Pei Ruoxi nervously grabbed his arm and pulled him into the car. The woman hurriedly started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

Driving the car all the way to a secluded river, Pei Ruoxi stopped the car, grabbed his arm and cried at Ji Mo in distress.

“Ji Mo, this time, you must help me! If you don’t help me, Mu Tianye and Xicheng will not let me go. I will be completely done for.”

2 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 183”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Why didn’t you think of that when you decided to frame Ning Xiaofei?
    What happened to her earlier bravado 😏


  2. Jimo don’t help her ,please don’t soften your heart to her … She deserved it . She need to learned and pay for what she have done …Thanks for the update 😘😘😘


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