SWPF – Chapter 28.1

Be nice and try to bully her

However, later, while watching TV, she munched on a pile of snacks, especially chocolate, and she felt better.

She actually likes chocolate, and but not the kind that can be bought in supermarkets.

It’s just that, imported ones are really expensive and she couldn’t afford them.

Huo Jinchen however has stuffed a lot of chocolates here and Lu Xingzhi enjoyed them everyday. Every time she savors one, she’d be happy.

Today’s chocolate must have been toothsome because as sson as Lu Xingzhi munched the last one, she fell aslepp.

And slumbered until now.

She didn’t even want to get up when the maid asked her to eat.

“Why aren’t you coming down for dinner?” Huo Jinchen saw her messy hair and sorted it out for her.

But when his fingers slipped into her neck, he noticed that her collars seemed somewhat loose.

Withdrawing his hand, he suddenly placed it on her neckline again to fasten her button.

“I’ll do it myself.” Lu Xingzhi is not accustomed to such intimacy, although it isn’t the first time she’d been too close to Huo Jinchen.

“Why not go down to eat? Are you in a bad mood?” Huo Jinchen asked again

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