LLW – Chapter 157.1

Chapter 157: Your master is a charmer.

Feng Chuge just frowned a bit, naturally aware of the resentful gaze.

As she looked up and followed the source of the gaze, she only caught a glimpse of a white figure disappearing.

The speed at which it vanished from sight was extraordinary so Feng Chuge surmised that that person was no simple person.

Yan Qing shijie?

For a moment, the name flashed across her mind, the name that had been haunting her ears for the past few days.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” Seeing Feng Chuge’s inattention, Zilan asked behind her.

Feng Chuge shook her head lightly, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”

They moved forward on their way, but a laughter rang around the corner.

“Haha, good apprentice, well done, you actually come out of the demon tower intact.”

Feng Chuge stopped again.

Looking at the person coming in front of them, her lips clenched hard.

Didn’t they leave earlier? How come he’s back again?

“What is Elder Yang still lingering here for?” Feng Chuge asked indifferently.

Elder Yang smiled.

This apprentice is really getting more and more into his appetite.

“Apprentice, you should call me Master, how could you be so rude?”

“Have I agreed to be your apprentice?”

“You will.” Elder Yang nodded confidently.

The corners of Feng Chuge’s eyes twitched. “Apprentice….as your teacher, I can pass on all my skills to you.”

“I don’t need it.” Feng Chuge dropped while continuing to move forward.

T/N: Before I used magician, I’ll change it into charmer.

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