SWDP – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Want me to help you remember?

Bo Junyan also woke up the moment she opened her eyes.

When Mu Huan sat up and looked at him, he stared right back at her.

Every scene of last night, one after another, one tantrum after another flooded back into Mu Huan’s brain.

She sat dead in the water, dumbly wondering what should she do next.

Damn! Wine is poison to your intestines! Kill me! Kill me!

What to do? What to do?

After a moment of thought, she couldn’t come up with anything so she simply slumped back and lay on the bed, closed her eyes, pretending to have been sleepwalking, and that she’s still asleep.

Bao Junyan: “….”

Mu Huan turned over and wanted to sleep until Bao Junyan leaves.

But her stomach couldn’t stand it, and it grumbled.

She regrets it! Hate that she has such a disappointing belly!

In the quiet room, the grunt of her stomach rang out loud.

“If you’re hungry, just wake up and go eat.” Bao Junyan smirked.

Mu Huan wanted to pretend that she’s deaf to it and didn’t exist.

But Bao Junyan hugged her directly, “Do you want me to help you dress?”

Mu Huan, “…”

She knew she couldn’t escape.

“Husband … Last night, what happened last night … I can’t remember … I must have drunk too much…”

Bao Junyan found out that his young wife couldn’t tell a single lie, it was so obvious that there’s 300 silver taels not hidden here* “Want me to help you remember?”

Mu Huan, “… !!!”

Man! Why is it so difficult to be such a lovable, obedient, perfect wife!

“Get up and eat.” Bao Junyan released her, got up and got out of bed.

Mu looked up in amazement and made a face. He’ll let go of her just like that?

So sudden? That kind?

Bao Junyan looked at her horrified face and reached out to rub her head. “Get up.”

Then he headed to the bathroom.

Mu Huan looked at his back hesitantly.

Last night, she …

Thinking of how she called him uncle last night, hey, no, she lay down suddenly, hid herself under the quilt, and wanted to suffocate herself!

Bao Junyan, who was at the bathroom door, heard the ruffle and turned around to see her hiding herself: “In the future, you are not allowed to drink so much.”

Since she was a first offender, he’ll spare her this time.

Mu Huan responded immediately, “I swear! I promise! Never again!”

Even if she’d be killed, she’ll never drink too much!

In the dining room.

Mu Huan felt that the look in Butler Li’s eyes when looking at her today was especially loving.

She couldn’t bear it.

Thinking back on what she has done when she was drunk last night, she couldn’t help but want to cover her face and find a place to bury herself.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Seeing her motionless, Bao Junyan asked.

“Hungry … hungry …” Mu Huan hurriedly lowered her head to eat.

Bao Junyan had an important meeting in the morning so he went to the company before Mu Huan finished having breakfast.

After eating, Mu Huan sensed something missing. After thinking about it for a while, she thought that something was wrong in the house. “Butler Li, why don’t I see my sister coming down for breakfast?”

Mu Kexin who wants to get on Bao Junyan side so much doesn’t know what shame is. She shouldn’t have missed this opportunity to have breakfast with Bao Junyan just because she fell into a dog posture to eat S like that last night!

“Master sent her back.”

“Sent back? When did this happen!” Mu Huan jerked up in dread.

“Last night, when you fell asleep on master’s shoulder, master ordered me to send her back.” Butler Li answered in detail.

Mu Huan, “…”

Kill me! Kill me!

If ever she drinks again in the future, she’ll chop her hands off!

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