EP – Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Go and turn yourself in.

Listening to the silence outside, Pei Ruoxi immediately grabbed her handbag, ran to the parking lot in the basement, threw the key near the elevator, and returned to the security duty room in the basement of the office building.

Only one security guard was on-duty and upon recognizing her, he greeted her with excitement.

“Miss Pei, what are you doing here?”

Pei Ruoxi smiled intimately, “You’re working really hard, working even this late in the evening. Just now, my car keys seemed to have fallen in the parking area, has anyone seen it?”

“I think I haven’t seen any. I’ll help you ask the parking guard over there.” The security officer asked the other guard through the intercom and the other promised to go out for a look. Pei Ruoxi glanced at the screens on the walls, “Excuse me, are all these surveillance cameras?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“So … where is the one for our team?”

“That’s the one.” The security guard pointed a finger to a screen on the side. “This is for the corridor. One on both sides so you can see the entire corridor.”

“Do you all have to back up all these videos?”

“The rule is to keep it for a month.”

“With so many cameras, can the computer store everything?”

“Our surveillance is automatically backed up by the system and stored automatically externally.” The security on duty pointed to the external hard disk on the cabinet. “Don’t underestimate its size, it may be small but it not only can save thousands of G, but it also doesn’t need us to manually do it ourselves.”

“So it’s like that, it turned out to be so high-tech.”

When the two were chatting, the parking security came through the intercom, saying that Pei Ruoxi’s key was found, and that he’d be bringing them to her immediately.

When security kindly invited her to sit down, Pei Ruoxi asked with a smile, “Do you have water?”

“Of course, sit down and I’ll go and pour some for you.”

While the security on duty went out to help her pour water, Pei Ruoxi immediately approached the computer, held the mouse, found the external hard disk and the backup on the day of the incident according to the date, and raised her hand to press the delete key.

Footsteps rang outside so she hurriedly closed the page and turned around to block the screen.

The security diligently handed her a glass of water without noticing her little movements.

Moments later, the parking security arrived and returned her keys.

Peering at the computer screen behind her, Pei Ruoxi smiled and took the car key.

“Thank you very much, both of you. I’ve troubled you.”

Pei Ruoxi sauntered smugly to the parking lot while jingling her keys.

Strangely enough, Ning Xiaofei was actually backed by Mu Tianye. No wonder she could bring such a powerful god…..

But so what?

There was no surveillance evidence. Don’s mention Mu Tianye being a king, even if he were really King Yama himself, how could he help her?

Raising her hand and holding the car key, she opened the door with a sneer. Just as she pulled the door open, she saw a figure coming out from behind the pillar.

“Who’s there?!”

She turned guiltyly, and saw Ji Mo standing not far.

“Ji Mo? You … didn’t you go to dinner?”

Ji Mo came to her, “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Talk … about what?”

He lifeted his hand with a jewelry dangling between his fingers.

In the dim light, the golden pendant between the man’s fingers glittered.

Pei Ruoxi froze.

“How did it get to you?”

She found one missing pendant before, but couldn’t find it for a long time. Never did she expect it to be with him.

Ji Mo took a deep breath and finally spoke.

“Turn yourself in!”


Pei Ruoxi was flustered with guilty confusion, “You … what do you mean?

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  1. Did she think she can get away with it , Ji Mo don’t pity on her even a tiny bit ..
    Thanks for the update 🙂


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