SWDP – Chapter 30

However, in Bao Junyan’s eyes, her fierceness rivals a milky kitten playing tough, a lactating kitten, the fierce newborn kitten, lacking lethality, and only wants someone to caress her cuteness.

“Be obedient, drink water and sleep!” Bao Junyan rubbed her head and cajoled.

“No! I want to eat ice cream!” Mu Huan answered firmly.

“Do as you’re told!” Bao Junyan is used to others carrying out his orders and is not quite sure how to continue coaxing her, so he ordered straight away.

“No, I won’t! I’m going to eat ice cream! Eat ice cream!”

Bao Junyan supported his forehead with a hand.

After a couple of seconds, Mu Huan, who was still eyeing him stubbornly, burst into tears. “I want to eat ice cream, I want to eat ice cream… You are a bad man…you don’t give me ice cream.. wuhuhu….”

It was no fake crying. She’s really crying as tears are trickling down her face.

Her crystal tears booted Bao Junyan from his uncompromising seat and had to let some people bring ice cream.

After receiving the ice cream she wanted, Mu Huan giggled with satisfaction.

She turned back to that sweat cute girl once more.

Mu Huan paused eating her ice cream, lifted her head and looked at him: “Uncle, tell me how could you do that? You were too much, you forbade me to eat ice cream!”

Bao Junyan, “…!!!”

Uncle? He is only thirty! The golden age of men!

“Don’t be furious, I’m just telling the truth….” Mu Huan chastised, paused and forgot what she is going to say.

In the midst of figuring out what she is about to say, her ice cream in her hand was taken away.

“You’re telling the truth? Very good!” Bao Junyan grinned without any hint of anger.

It’s just that though he is laughing, Mu Huan, though drunk couldn’t help but shudder.

But she still braved death and demanded: “Give me my ice cream….”

“Want to eat?” The low-pitched voice could drew people like Satan luring people to hell, where despite the danger, they still can’t resist the temptation.


Every time Mu Huan feels hungry, she’ll be awakened. Because of suffering starvation in her childhood, she vowed never to grieve herself when she grows up, she’ll never deprive herself of food. So even if she’s a little hungry, she’ll always go eat, which made her unable to withstand a bit of hunger. So no matter how tired she is or how long she has slept the night before, when her stomach grumbles the next day, she’d always wak up.

Mu Huan rolled over and stretched out lazily to sober up, when her hand ran into a solid wall of flesh.

It put her first in a stutter and then she sat up.

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