EP – Chapter 181

Chapter 181: I’ll come in person.

“Mr. Xicheng, I know you may not believe what I say now, but I can prove that Xiao Fei was really not at the TV station that night.” Ji Mo walked to the side of the two and added: “For this matter, the column group will give you an explanation.”

Ning Xiaofei turned her face and looked at Ji Mo stupidly.

Xicheng nodded.

“All right, I’ll wait for your explanation!”

He strode away, and Ning Xiaofei watched the man’s distant figure and sighed, “Why are you doing this?”

The matter was her fault. With Ji Mo’s boasting about such a huge matter, if he can’t find out the truth, by then, how can he explain to Xicheng?

Ji Mo’s tone turned serious: “Since the leak came out of the column group, as the person in charge, I have this obligation. Is Mr. Mu in?”

“He’s inside.”

Ning Xiaofei brought Ji Mo to Mu Tianye’s dressing room Mu Tianye. Ji Mo immediately walked over and thanked him politely. “Our host made some mistakes that shouldn’t have been made today. I hope Mr. Mu could forgive.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Mu Tianye stood up from the sofa with majesty. “Before nine o’clock tomorrow morning, I would like to receive the relevant video surveillance from the TV station.”

“Rest assured, I will give you an account of the file leak.”

Mu Tianye frowned and glanced at him.

“I’ll give you 24 hours.”

Someone who can access Ning Xiao Fei’s computer use the IPaddress of the television station…. There’s no need to think about it, it must be someone from their column group.

This was obviously an attempt to frame Ning Xiaofei into infringement, deliberately targeting her, he naturally won’t let such a person get away with it.


Ning Xiaofei walked to him and pulled his sleeves, but the man’s face remained implacable.

“If Director Ji can’t find who the mole is, I’ll come in person!””

His last five last words rang coldly.

Ji Mo nodded, “By all means!”

“Tomorrow night at eight o’clock, Jinfeng Building, see you there!”

Grabbing Ning Xiaofei’s little hand that was pulling his sleeves, the man stepped towards the door.

Ji Mo walked out and watched them disappear at the end of the corridor. The man glanced at the watch on his wrist and headed to Pei Ruoxi’s dressing room. He knocked.

“Come in!”

Inside the room, Pei Ruoxi was leaning on a chair and smoking. When she caught a glimpse of him sideways, she stood up in a panic and stubbed the cigarette into the ashtray.

“Dir…. Director Ji?! Is there something wrong?”

The smell in the room made Ji Mo frown.

“We will be having a group dinner, will you go with me?”

“Ah, I… can I come too?” Pei Ruoxi laughed at herself. “If I come, I’m afraid it will affect everyone’s mood. I didn’t do well today, sorry.”

Ji Mo raised his eyes, fixing his gaze on her face for a few seconds, and nodded gently.

“Anything else?”

Pei Ruoxi shook her head.

The man’s eyes narrowed and then he turned away.

Pei Ruoxi sat back down on her chair, listening to the sound of Ji Mo and Zhang Yue talking outside, and then everyone cheering each other as they left.

Her assistant came in and saw that she still hasn’t removed her makeup.

“Miss Pei, will you not go for dinner?”

“I’m a bit tired and don’t want to go. You go back first. I want to be alone for a while.”

“That …” The assistant coughed. “Can I go with everyone? Xiao Song invited me to go with them.”

Pei Ruoxi who rarely spoke to her kindly answered: “Go, you’ve worked hard these days.”

The assistant thanked her and left happily, while Pei Ruoxi who was left behind raised her lips in a sneer.

“Check me out? Don’t think about it!”

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