LLW – Chapter 153

Chapter 153: What would my brother do if something were to happen to you?


Sister-in-law, she must be safe!

Otherwise, with the temper of her brother, nobody knows what might come out of it if this matter reaches his ears.

Di Jinglian was totally anxious.

Right now, she kept castigating herself for not taking more care of Feng Chuge.

The iron doors were finally flung open.

As Di Jinglian was pondering on breaking into the demon tower, out of the darkness slowly came out a blue-clad woman…..

Her hair was in total mess, but her face was white and unscathed and unsmiling.

A long blue dress.

As she came out of the darkness, the sun rays outside slowly sprinkled all over her face, which rendered her figure a tad bit illusory.

It took a while for Di Jinglian to completely snap back to her senses.

She muttered uncertainly….

“Little…. Sister-in-law?”

Feng Chuge gently raised a brow. Watching the entrance of the demon tower and seeing Di Jinglian one step away from the doors.

“Are you interested in this tower?” She quipped.

Di Jinglian’s anxiety was unmistakable from the dark.

Naturally, she realized Di Jinglian’s intent.

It never crossed her mind that Di Jinglian, whom she only met once, would be willing to risk her life to save her.

Di Jinglian looked at Feng Chuge up and down, and could barely contain her emotions.

“Little sister-in-law, it’s really great that you’re okay. I was really afraid that something has happened to you, what would my brother do?”

“Your brother?” Feng Chuge frowned and asked.

The first time she heard Di Jinglian calling her little sister-in-law, she merely thought that she was shooting her mouth off in jest.

But her concern today confirmed that everything she has thought was not the case.

Di Jinglian made no replay, but just looked at her in excitement: “Oh, how did you get into the demon tower? Are you that daring?”

“Didn’t I come out just fine?” Feng Chuge downplayed the matter with ease.

She continued to move forward, her line of sight sweeping across the particularly shocked crowd outside, and finally fixed her gaze in a certain corner not far away.

There stood the pale-ashen Rong Liang Meng, who was looking at her in disbelief.

The cold wind blew, but the gaze of Feng Chuge on her seemed cold and thorough.

She looked at Rong Liang Meng and her red lips opened lightly –

“Miss Rong, what are we to do? I’m out ~”

Those cold eyes, wintry as winter, shook Rong Liang Meng’s whole being.

Feng Chuge looked dishevelled at the moment, accompanied by a queer smile on her face.

She’s entirely the image of the devil for Rong Liang Meng.

The crowd outside were at first immersed in Feng Chuge’s shocking appearance, but the moment she opened her mouth, everybody directed their gaze at Rong Liang Meng.

That’s right….

There was still an agreement between Xiao shimei and Rong shimei.

“Hahaha, this time, Rong shimei is done for!” The good guys gloated.

Their gloating pierced Rong Liang Meng’s ears and her body shivered even more.

Suddenly, she screamed –

“Feng Chuge, you lie. You must have not reached the fifth floor. Our agreement is on the premise that you enter the fifth floor!!”

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