TOCH – Chapter 352

Chapter 352: This is what Yibei sent me.

Rongxi released a pair of wedding rings some time ago, the only pair in the world designed by the first lady of Rongxi, one of the world’s top jewelry designer, Sha Zhixing.

These rings were named sentimentally —- First heart.

Which implies, from the moment I’ve met you, my heart remains the same.

This Rongxi jewelry had already sensationalized the entire jewelry industry, even when it was still at the press conference stage, not only because of its sky auction price from Rongxi’s stipulation where the owner isn’t allowed to change hands, but also because of the meaning of the rings itself.

First Heart, the meaning itself was captivating, and is the most suitable wedding gift, isn’t it?

This design of Sha Zhixing caught everyone’s attention at the time of the new product launch.

However, the outside world only knew that the ring had been paid hundreds of millions of dollars, but Rongxi didn’t sell it. Nobody knew that Luo Yibei had actually left it for himself.

What Su Ran only saw as the news of the press conference and nothing of the follow up part.

Staring at the pair of rings for a long time, her whole body’s temperature dropped low.

Who did he prepare it for?

In the direction of the office, Fang Chixia came along.

Her footsteps were quick, the target was facing the office of Luo Yibei, and she appeared in a hurry.

“Did you forget something?” A female assistant saw her in a hurry and asked casually.

“Yeah, a file has been left behind.” Fang Chixia returned offhandedly and pushed Luo Yibei’s office door.

She used to go in and out of this place. In front of Luo Yibei, sometimes she doesn’t pay attention to so many details. Without knocking on the door, she went in.

She moves naturally giving the impression that she’s entering her own room.

Such rudeness, no ordinary assistant would dare.

Moreover, there’s still a guest in the office.

Naturally entering Luo Yibei’s office as if it were hers….

Her candor stunned Su Ran. Taking a glimpse of the rings again, her intuition landed a crack on her chest.

“Hello, let me get something!” Fang Chixia simply gave her a glance, crossed the floor to Luo Yibei’s desk, lifted a document placed on it, and after a quick browse of it, closed it and turned to leave, when a sparkle stabbed her eyes.

Fang Chixia’s gaze strayed over to Su Ran’s hands and stiffened.

Su Ran was holding a ring box, while on her finger, lay a platinum ring, inlaid with a brightly cut diamond. This ring was familiar to Fang Chixia.

When Rongx released its heart jewelry series, the script for this ring was interpreted by her. Each ring was introduced to all guests from all over the world in various languages.

Seeing it again, naturally she recognized it.

This wedding ring was named “First Heart” by Sha Zhixing!

Fang Chixia was shocked to see the ring on her hand and her pupils shrank slightly.

Her expression might be subtle, but it was caught by Su Ran.

Watching her quietly, Su Ran came to a few understanding.

“Does it look good?” She raised her hand nonchalantly.

Fang Chi’s face was a bit gray, but soon she composed herself.

“Very beautiful. Sorry, I still have something urgent to deal with.” She left calmly, holding a document.

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