SWDP – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Kind of cute

Bao Junyan returned home past ten in the evening. He was greeted not by his sweet and lovely young wife however, but the old butler.

His gaze turned heavy, “Is my wife still not back?”

“The lady called back and said that she’ll be eating out with a friend and would come back late.” Butler Li answered respectfully.

Bao Junyan hummed a bit indifferently.

Butler Li is unsure whether it is only his own illution, but his young master seemed a bit disappointed not seeing his lady.

When Bao Junyan wanted to go upstairs.

Seeing his car parking, Mu Kexin hurriedly run to greet him.

“Brother-in-law, you’re back.” Wearing an ultra-short dress, the coquettish Mu Kexin shouted brother-in-law first and then pretended to have tripped, plunging down the stairs towards Bao Junyan, imagining herself in Bao Junyan’s arms, she is elated!

Physical contact is the best way to seduce!

Just as she was fondly thinking that she could dive into that solid chest and be held by that handsome man.

Bao Junyan dodged sideways.

Mu Kexin was aghast that her eyes widened and couldn’t react for a moment. In the end, she dived down and landed battered on her stomach, in a posture of dog eating shit.

Butler Li, who was standing aside, resisted roaring with laughter.

Why does this picture so pleasant to see?

Butler Li wanted to laugh so much but managed to stifle it, however another voice cracked up and burst into laughter unceremoniously!

Bao Junyan and Butler Li turned around and saw that Mu Huan is standing by the front door and leaning on the wall while guffawing, appearing weak from her laughter.

“Oh, oh, you stupid X, you deserve it! Who told you to seduce your brother-in-law, you have no moral, no shame, serves you right being a dog!” Mu Huan pointed at Mu Kexin cheerfully.

Bao Junyan, “…”

Has his little wife drunk too much?

Butler Li: “….”

Is this their usual, lovely, little soft-cute lady?

Kneeling on the floor, Mu Kexin was dying with anger. If not for Junyan’s presence, she would have long stood up and screamed at her.

“Mu Huan!” She shouted, gnashing her teeth.

“What is my sister doing? Were you thinking that this sister is treading and throwing stones at you who fell down a well?” Mu Huan sighed proudly.

She’s indeed drunk.

Mu Kexin is itching to shout back at her, but after a moment’s thought, she immediately looked pitifully at Bao Junyan, “Brother-in-law….”

She’s certain that Bao Junyan didn’t deliberately dodge away and he only did so out of instinct.

Bao Junyan swept a glance at Mu Kexin and just wanted to let Butler Li call for people to darw her away.

Mu Huan came to him and wrapped her arms around him.

Sniffing the pungent odor of alcohol in front of him, Bao Junyan frowned. Just how much did she drink?

“Mu Kexin, your bad habit is so nauseating. Calling your sister’s husband brother and attempting to crawl to his bed, what, does it make you especially feel special?” In addition to her vicious stepmother, Mu Huan hates Mu Kexin the most. From when they were young, she just have to rob her off everything she owns. And if she can’t snatch it, she’ll just break it apart.

“Brother-in-law, look at my sister. She’s been bullying me since she was a kid. I……I……” Mu Kexin choked up.

“Mu Kexin, not that I’m looking down on you. But your acting is really poor! You should learn from Lin Qingya, whenever she pretends to be weak, she can shed tears in three seconds. But look at you, you’re so fake!” Mu Huan felt ashamed for her.

Mu Kexin, “…!!”

Bao Junyan watched Mu Huan and couldn’t help but grin, his drunk little wife is kind of cute.

M’s corner: Loving the drunk Mu Huan 💖💖🤣🤣

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    I imagined that scene as I read it and damn that was a good laugh 😂
    Also hubby is smitten with his wifey’s drunkenness, I wonder if it’s gonna be a fun night for them later 😏

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