EP – Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Love Card vs Career Card

Pei Ruoxi took a pen and paper and wrote two propositions on two cards.

One was “career” and the other was “love”, which was then drawn by Xicheng and Mu Tianye.

They each drew a card with Xicheng ending up with the “Love” card and Mu Tianye with the “Career” card.

“Okay, so, who wants to start?”

Xicheng raised his hand.

“I’ll go first.”

He glanced at Mu Tianye leisurely in the periphery of his vision as he slowly straightened his back: “People are humans and because we are humans, we have feelings, which greatly defines us from animals. Animals breed by instinct and nature, but humans do so with love in the mix. Compared with how much money you profit, how many floors of buildings you build, or how many records you sell…. Of course, love is more important.”

Under the stage came a round of applause.

“A poor couple who do everything passionately for love?” Mu Tianye retorted tit-for-tat. “Can love be eaten, worn, and shelter you like a house? A man and a woman who only love each other every day, I’m thinking this couple will be starved to death by love!”

Below the stage, hoots of laughter could be heard followed by another round of applause.

Pei Ruoxi clapped her hands, too: “Fantastic arguments!”

“If there’s only an economic foundation, and a couple just wants to be together for money, what’s the difference between them and animals?”

“Economic foundation determines the upper works. Girls like flowers, romance…. these things aren’t grown out of love!”

The two exchanged words blow for blow, opposing each other with equal harshness and from to time quoted the classics, both sparkling with wit, displaying substantial evidence of their IQ and first-hand knowledge. The spectators off the stage followed ther first exchange with rowdy jeering, but afterwards, they slowly quieted down, fell into meditation, and unconsciously began to pay close attention to the intense debate on the stage.

As the host, Pei Ruoxi with her speed of thinking was unable to insert a word about the topic into the arguments of the two and could only paste a smile and stay silent in the middle. The camera has been switching between Mu Tianye and Xicheng, while she as the host had not much presence.

It was not until Ji Mo reminded her that it was time to wrap the debate up that she was able to stood up between a gap of the two’s exchanges.

“It’s truly a wonderful debate what we had here. Of course, we couldn’t make up our inds as who has won or lost. If you agree on any of the sides or wants to share your own opinions, you can interact with us through Weibo….. Appreciate various kinds of elegant Gods, tenacious debates with Dialogue with God, every Saturday night, A City Channel, be sure to wait!”

Now that the live broadcast was finally over, all the staff in the room were relieved.

This time, everyone witnessed the program with their own hands. Pei Ruoxi’s performance was barely up to standards. Good thing the two honored guests were able to hold on, otherwise, this program would have ended into ashes in her hands.

Pei Ruoxi also breathed a sigh of relief, watching the audience rising from their seats, as she braced herself for their cheers.

Previously, every time she was on show, a number of fans would always seek for her autograph.

Unfortunately, this time no one cared about her. The audience were either rushing toward Xicheng or Mu Tianye. The security guards and the staff responded quickly without causing major chaos.

Ning Xiaofei and others escorted the two back to the backstage, and other staff members began to evacuate the audience to distribute souvenirs, while Pei Ruoxi was left alone.

“Job well done everyone!”

Ji Mo smiled and waved to his own men. His eyes fell on her and the man’s smile froze and his brows wrinkled tightly.

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