SWDP – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Then go to hell

“Is that so, then instead letting you die, go to Gu Chenyi. Tell him that that night, you were forced by my grandmother to lie. Tell him the truth, that I’m not that kind of person, that I kept him in the dark merely because of my own stubborness and ego not wanting him to know that I was working part-time. Can you?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

Lin Qingya’s hands clenched tightly. “Xiao Huan, what’s the point of telling him everything now? You’re already married! It’s impossible for you and Gu Chenyi!”

“It being pointless is my business. You just have to do it!”

“Xiao Huan, do you really treat me as your friend? If you really treat me as a friend, you will not force me to do such a thing. You are pushing me to die! I only did that because I like Gu Chenyi. I would do anything for him, even betraying the most important friend. But now, you’re asking me to speak out for you, isn’t that cutting my way to pursuing him in the future? I’m better off dying!’

“Okay, then, go to hell!”

Lin Qingya, “…”

Mu Huan looked down at her and laughed sarcastically: “You’re on your own!”

Lin Qingya stared at Mu Huan’s back as she left and realized that she never wanted to give her another chance at all. She is merely making fun of her and reconciled herself to the loss. She immediately clenched her fists in rage.

Why didn’t Mu Huan marry an old and ugly old man, ruining her for the rest of her life! Why!

As Mu Huan is in a foul mood, she doesn’t want to go home so she sent a message to Bao Junyan: “Husband, will you come back for dinner tonight? If not, I want to eat out with my friend.”

Soon, Bao Junyan replied with simply two words: “Not coming.”

Mu Huan immediately asked Li Meng out.

The two strolled around their usual stops, eating spicy crayfish and drinking.

Li Meng heard her say that she is in a mood bood after an encounter with Lin Qingya and couldn’t help but snort: “Didn’t I tell you before. You are just too kind. You’ve only kept thinking of the rice she has stolen for you year ago. Why don’t you think of the many times you’ve helped her out over the years! Silly, you’re so stupid!”

“Are we still a pair of plastic pretty sisters? I’m in a bad mood, but you still call me stupid.” Mu Huan’s lips twitched.

“I am your plastic pretty sister.” Li Meng gave her a blank look.

“You have never been hungry so you don’t know what it’s like to be dying of hunger. You feel like you can eat anything even dirt even more so just for a bowl of rice….”

At that time, she was really desperately hungry, so the feeling of Lin Qingya’s appearance with a bowl of rice in front of her has always remained in her mind.

“Regardless of how many bowls of rice she has given you, you’ve done enough! In order to teach her stepfather a lesson, you were almost left with a stain you never erase all your life, and you’ve given her almost all the money you’ve worked your tirelessly for from your part-time jobs. She ate and wore everything that’s yours. The most key point is she even relies on you to get into a good high school, a good university and a brighter future!”

“But how did she repay you? You went to a bar to work part-time, to make money for her tuition, but she used it to harm you! How wonderful your life used to be! There was a rich and handsome man, the most handsome man in the school was so good to you and was your boyfriend, not only that, you were the first student who passed the entrance examination to Yunnan University with flying colors, how beautiful that life was!”

“But what about now? You were forced down Y….and got married. Even though Bao Junyan is fond of you, which is really hard to come by, no matter how good he is, you can’t really stay married to him, she ruined your life!”

Mu Huan no longer made a sound and just opened a bottle of beer, and downed half of it.

” Xiao Huan, I tell you, her kind of ungrateful being, if you still remember the taste of a bowl of rice think about being kind to her, you’re really stupid!” The more Li Meng talked, the more she felt riled.

T/N: Plastic pair of pretty sisters – a popular catchphrase which usually refers to women (especially in showbiz) which says: The feelings good sisters have for each other are like plastic flowers, not genuine but lasting forever.

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