SWPF – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: There are countless wolves out there

Lu Xingzhi has no idea whose child this is nor where to put her hands, in fear of hurting this young, soft and adorable steamed bun.

“He’s my brother’s son, Huo Chengqian. His pet name is Xiaxia.” Huo Jinchen could make out her helplessness and immediately stepped in. “Xiaxia, how do you know that this is your third aunt?”

“Mom told me that third aunt will be coming home today. So this pretty sister jie jie must be third aunt.” Although Huo Chengqian was young, he’s already been exposed to appreciating beauty.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

Pretty jie jie?

Isn’t he too young to speak in such a manner?

Lu Xingzhi crouched down, hugged Huo Chengqian and beamed at him, “Are you called Xiaxia?”

“My name is Huo Chengqian. My nickname is Xiaxia. Pretty jie jie, what’s your name? Can I pursue you?” Huo Chengqian thinks that this sister before him is too beautiful. He’s long been looking for such a beautiful girlfriend.

“Little bastard, what did you say? That is your third uncle’s wife.” Although Huo Jintong said so, he did not really mean to help Huo Jinchen out.

“Pretty jie jie, third uncle is very old. You shouldn’t accompany him. Be my girlfriend, I’ll give you my allowance.” Huo Chengqian proposed with his milky voice.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Huo Qiyuan roared with laughter at his great grandson.

This child has a future.

“Bad boy, who did you learn that from? You shouldn’t provoke someone like your dad. If you want this pretty sister to be your girlfriend, you must first ask your third uncle in case he disagrees.” Huo Jinyan passed the baton to Huo Jinchen.

“Third uncle, you should find another girlfriend! If not, I’ll give you my plane.” Xiaxia stated wistfully.

“You better go find one at your kindergarten! She isn’t a pretty sister, but your pretty aunt.” Huo Jinchen thought to himself. He finally found a fiancee with great difficulty, only to have his own little nephew eyeing her.

He took a glance of Lu Xingzhi, but then again, this young girl is indeed a beauty.

If she were a bit chubbier, her face wou’d be like peach plum.

“There is no pretty jie jie among the kids in our kindergarten” Xiaxia pouted. “Pretty jie jie, you still should like me!”

This bun is simply too adorable. Lu Xingzhi couldn’t resist pinching his cheeks in delight.

“I am your uncle’s fiancee, so I can’t be your girlfriend. But we can be friends, how about that?”

Little Hou Chengqian pondered on it for a while before raising his head. “Alright, pretty jie jie! Let’s be friends first! However, I’m not giving up.”

“Bad boy, has your third uncle ever treated you badly?” Huo Jinchen scolded indulgently : “Little ungrateful brat, what pretty jie jie, call her third aunt.”

“No, pretty jie jie is so beautiful. She shouldn’t be addressed so old.” Huo Chengqian absolutely does not compromise.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

This little devil really needs a spanking.

The next time his parents beat him once more, he’ll never help him out.

Huo Jinchen thought childishly.

“Ha ha ha…” Chen Nianxi’s guffawed into the arguments: “This child, he’s really obsesses with beauty. When first I came, he ignored me. I’ve had to coax him for a long time before he’s willing to play with me.”

When Chen Nianxi finished, she turned to Huo Jinchen impishly: “Jinchen, you’d better look after this little boy. There are countless wolves out there.”

T/N: Xiaxia is a babe ^-^

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