TOCH – Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Company encounter

“Tuantuan, let’s go to bed!” Hugging Tuantuan closely, Fang Chixia swept away the gloom that accumulated deep in her heart and took him upstairs.

Fang Chixia slept with Tuantuan the whole night and the next day, Luo Yibei has yet to return.

After having breakfast by herself, downstairs, she went to the company as usual.

When she arrived, Luo Yibei has already sat in office.

His door was open, and Fang Chixia took a glance in his direction.

In fact, seeing him at work so early made her admire him.

Last night, he accompanied a beauty for a spring breeze, but even so, he still managed to come to work early!

Fang Chixia’s lips rose in mockery. She withdrew her gaze and started her chores, business as usual.

She sorted out some information, reported the schedule of the morning meeting, went to the tea room for a cup of coffee, walked to and fro in the big office, never once glancing in Luo Yibei’s direction.

She appeared so unaffected as she simply organized everything needed for the morning meeting and went to hand it to him. “These are the documents needed at the meeting. I will leave it here.”

Dropping just those words, she swiveled around to go.

A feeling of annoyance simmered deep in Luo Yibei’s heart as he sat in his office chair with his eyes moving along her figure.

“Stop there!” He coldly barked.

“Is there anything else? I’ve just got back so there are still a handful of things that haven’t been handed to me.” Fang Chixia just took a glimpse of him and continued on her way out.

Her departure was quick as it could be, as if she was indeed busy.

In this manner, the fire in Luo Yibei’s heart burned hotter.

Fang Chixia returned to her desk and would like to continue sorting out documents when the clear sound of footsteps rang in the office, followed by a round of whispers from her colleagues.

“Who’s this…”

“Isn’t she the young Miss of the Su Family?”

“Which Su Family?”

“The one who’s family background is connected with the Luo Family.”

Fang Chixia was startled. When she raised her face up, Su Ran has already come in.

Her whole face was entirely clear and exquisite as well as refined. Her facial features were delicate complemented by her simple and statuesque temperament.

Her greatest asset was her natural elegance, which seemed to ooze from the bones.

A serene valley of orchids, these words seemed apt for her, pure and indifferent. When she came and stopped at a desk, her beauty resembled a watercolor painting.

For such a woman, women, whether in looks or temperament, have nothing to criticize.

For men, it’s even more certain that they’d have little resistance to such a beauty.

She didn’t have a bit of Fang Chixia’s wildness. If accidentally touched, she’d scratch you like a wild cat.

Her elegance, manners, and demeanor were all well-behaved and calm, the image of a well-educated miss.

Fang Chixia stared at her, thinking of what the few employees have whispered moments ago, and for a moment was in a daze.

Su Ran probably sensed it for she took a glance at her before directly heading into Luo Yibei’s office.

“Sorry, Miss. Please make an appointment…” Fang Chixia stood up meaning stop her.

However, the thought of her relationship with Luo Yibei, she resisted the impulse.

Su Ran just blinked at her faintly and knocked on the door.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    If he wants her to be serious about him then how about not allowing things like this to happen continuously. He gets jealous whenever he sees her interacting with any other man but he doesn’t clean up his own backyard.


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