SWDP – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Can you forgive me just this once?

Lin Qingya grew up with Mu Huan, she knows Mu Huan very well. She knows that she’s a warm-hearted person to the bones. She’d instinctively protect the poor, so in front of her, she has always played the weak and enjoyed her protection.

“Xiao Huan, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have liked Gu Chenyi. I like him too much and really wants to be with him. I must have been to possessed to have done that sort of thing to you. I know, I should die a thousand times for my crimes, I….” She choked wih sobs and couldn’t stop talking.

However, Mu Huan just looked at her coldly, no longer comforting her as before, caring for her, telling her not to cry, that even if the sky falls down, she’d never let anything hurt her.

“Xiao Huan, believe me, I really know I’ve done wrong…”

“Lin Qingya, did you think I’m really that stupid?” To still believe her tears now, how amazing her acting is, she’s already seen through it.

“Xiao Huan, how can you be stupid? You are the smartest. You are such a smart person. If I am such a bad person, how can you have been friends with me for so many years? I’ve really lost my mind for a moment!” Lin Qingya grabbed Mu Huan’s hand and looked at her with pleading.

“If you are not a bad person, it doesn’t matter whether it was a momentary obsession or not, but once you betray me, I’ll never give you a second chance!” In fact, just after high school, Mu Huan realized that Lin Qingya wasn’t as kind as she thought. But their childhood friendship made her think that no one is perfect, so she ignored those inconsistencies.

“Xiao Huan, can you really bear it? Did you forget when we were children, we stole food together and got punished together?”

Lin Qingya knows very well how much Mu Huan attach importance to someone’s grace. Whoever is good to her, she’ll definitely pay back ten times. For this reason, she purposely mentioned when Mu Huan was abused by her stepmother when they were children, and she stole things for her.

“That’s why I’m clearing things up with you instead of retaliating. Lin Qingya, as my last affection for you, let me tell you seriously, in the future, don’t come provoking me. Live your life well while you can!”

“Xiao Huan….”

“Don’t say anything about being friends again. We can never be friends again!” Mu Huan interrupted what she was about to say.

Lin Qingya looked as if hurt: “Xiao Huan, why are you so heartless? Although I really did wrong, but you ended up in good hands! Look at how good you are now! Not only did you marry such a rich and handsome man, but he also pampers you!”

Mu Huan’s luck is really damn good!

“What, so you mean to say I should thank you?” Mu Huan laughed mirthlessly.

“Xiao Huan, that’s not what I mean. I just want to say, who doesn’t make any mistakes in life. I did wrong, so it’s right that I should be damned. But, if a murderef has the heart to repent, he can still be deferred a death sentence. Can you give me one more chance? Now that your relationship with Chenyi is over, there is no conflict between us. We can go back to how we used to be!”

“Xiao Huan, I know you’ve always been good to me since childhood. When we were young, whatever you had, you’d always give the same thing. When I was abused by my stepfather, you taught him a lesson and he never dared to bully me again. Without you, don’t say going to high school or college, living well would have been out of my reach. Xiao Huan…… I really did wrong. I swear, I will never do you wrong in the future! For you, I can even give up my life! Xiao Huan…. Can you forgive just this once?”

She knows that Mu Huan is softhearted for those on her side and she has been treated the best. Though she betrayed her, Mu Huan’s willingness to clear things up with her means that she still has some affection for her. As long as she pleads well, she’ll definitely soften.

T/N: Lin Qingya’s face is really too thick!!

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