EP – Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Poisonous tongue

“Our Mr. Xicheng really deserves the title super Mr. Perfect. God, I almost thought I am at a concert venue…” Pei Ruoxi beamed as she shook hands with him, then guided Xicheng to the sofa.




The audience’s screams continued.

“Okay.” Pei Ruoxi raised her right hand and then placed a linger on her lips indicating everyone to be quiet. Then she continued mysteriously: “Now that our first heavyweight male God has been introduced, there’s another male God participating in today’s interview. Who is he? Who wants to guess?’

Under the stage, there was an immediate shout from the audience.

“Is he a star?”

“Give us a hint!”


On the director’s desk, Ji Mo frowned.

This is a high-quality talk show, and the fact that Pei Ruoxi was still stuck in the entertainment section of the program to incite the mood of the audience was much to his displeasure.

He reached out and grabbed the microphone, and immediately ordered.

“Please ask Mr. Mu to the stage and let the audience calm down!”

His voice that rang directly through Pei Ruoxi’s earpiece was undoubtedly displeased. She quickly adjusted her state.

“Well, let’s take a look at this short video.”

On the huge screen, the playback video that Ning Xiaofei filmed started playing. It was just a 30-second video, but was just enough to aunthenticate Mu Tianye’s oustanding talents.

“He was born in a literary family, but has written legends in the business world. Within a decade, he run a dying enterprise into the world’s 100 today. At the age of 29, he is worth tens of billions. He is China’s first Pritzker Award holder and was also ranked among the world’s sexiest men on Vogue Fashion Magazine!”

When the huge screen finally settled on an image of Mu’s building, Pei Ruoxi opened her mouth exaggeratedly.

“That’s right, he is our seond guest, the business god, our ultra-rich and handsome, president of Mu Shi Group, founder of the New Centry Group, Mr. Mu Tianye! Please welcome!”

On the other side of the stage, the spotlight lit up once more and landed on Mu Tiane, who has already been standing there.

The audience followed the spotlight without exception only to see a man in an elegant black suit, with a handsome face carved deeper, but clearly under the spotlight, not to mention his standard figure of a model, not to mention the coldness his whole body emits that seems to drive people miles away as well as his indifferent countenance, his face alone was enough for women to marvel.

Then a shriek could be heard from the audience.

On the webcast, the entire screen was blocked by a barrage of comments.

“Oh my God, so handsome!”

“He’s the really rich and handsome!”

“Licking the screen, licking the screen, no one can stop me!”

“Suppressing my desire for this Adonis, he’s going to be my love!”


The man walked onto the stage, nodded gently towards the audience below the stage, and sat on the left side of the triangular formation under Pei Ruoxi’s guidance, sitting opposite Xicheng.

Ruo Ruoxi smiled and sat down in the middle of the main position. “Both of you are great gods in different fields. I don’t know, did the two knew of each other?”

Xicheng leaned back on the back of the chair. “Of course, Mr. Mu Yanwang (King of Hell) who’d kill and dispatch others by no means ruthlessly. Of course, I’ve heard of him!”

Pei Ruoxi sighed inwardly, wasn’t he openly mocking him?

“So, has Mr. Mu ever heard of Mr. Xicheng’s songs?”

Mu Tianye sneered: “I’ve heard of the name. I’ve only find out today that Mr. Xicheng wasn’t a woman disguising as a man!”

Pei Ruoxi’s lips twitched and the expression on her face unnaturally stiff.

Xicheng has always been known for his poisonous tongue. She has heard of it. How could this man be so much more poisonous than Xicheng!



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