LLW – Chapter 150

Chapter 150: With this master here, who’d dare mess in?

“But…kidding aside, are there really treasures in every floor?” Feng Chuge doubted.

If so, then anyone who come in can take them?

Yao Ye naturally understands Feng Chuge’s thoughts.

His red eyes once again skimmed Feng Chuge: “With this master here, who’d dare mess in?’

Feng Chuge’s eyes widened—

Well, sorry, didn’t he get caught just now?

“Okay, I will go up and fetch something.”

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched with a slight curvature on the corners.

Now that she’s here, she’ll just to let that Rong Liang Meng embrace her lost wholeheartedly!

She went straight up.

The surrounding air is still low and terrifying. Despite this, Feng Chuge persisted and directly flew up.

As Yao Ye has said, each floor houses treasures.

The first floor was a medicinal pill. When passing the first floor, Feng Chuge swept a glance at it and couldn’t help but sneer.

Is this basic medicinal pill considered a treasure here?

She can refine a basket of this remedy if she wants to.

On the second floor was a dagger.

The dagger’s edges glinted coldly against the light of the luminous pearl.

The short and delicate dagger attracted Feng Chuge’s attention instantly.

Such a delicate short dagger is easy to carry around.

Feng Chuge was about to reach out to take it.

Just as her hand touched the dagger, the atmosphere took a sudden turn.

Sensing the strangeness of her surroundings, Feng Chuge’s brows slightly furrowed, but still she grabbed the dagger in one stroke.

Her petite figure then flew in the air, following the circulation of the current….

Holding the dagger, Feng Chuge landed at a distance and discovered that the only cause of the sudden change in the airflow were sharp arrows!

In here….

There are hidden weapons!

And the speed of these hidden weapons are extremely fast!

Fortunately, her senses are more acute, otherwise she would have been really hurt by the arrows that were shot from all directions!

Taking the dagger, Feng Chuge went to the staircase and shouted at Yao Ye who was still tied on the ground on the first floor. “Bad boy, why didn’t you tell me that there are traps here?!”

Yao Ye lay down with downcast eyes, his long lashes hiding a drops of tears in his eyes.

His thin lips rose in a beautiful arc and smiled enchantingly: “If you die that easily, I won’t save you. I don’t owe wastes debts.”

Feng Chuge —-

“Rest assured, I can’t die!”

Feng Chuge leaped to the third floor.

On the third floor was a piece of clothing that repels sword and spear attacks.

Well, good stuff, take it!

On the fourth floor, was a rare herb

Still a good stuff, continue collecting!

Soon afterwards….

Feng Chuge was stuffed with her collections.

Just as she she was about to set foot on the fifth floor, Yao Ye’s voice reverberated through entire tower.

“The first four levels are extremely simple. From the fifth floor, it is different. I suggest you stop going up again.”

Feng Chuge froze.

Now, she’s sort of figured out why Rong Liang Meng had to let her get to the fifth floor.

However, when all was said and done, whatever mechanism there wa, she’d really like to see.

Therefore, regardless of Yao Ye’s warning, she still stayed on the fifth floor.

The moment she landed on her feet, Feng Chuge felt a powerful momentum building up.

Sure enough, the fifth floor was no better than the few floors down!

Her pain was slightly reduced.

Circulating enough power from her dantian, she slowly released spiritual power throughout her body to block any oppression externally.

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