EP – Chapter 175

Chapter 175: A born superstar

Afraid to look at his face, Ning Xiaofei blushed red. She opened the door of the dressing room and ran all the way to the front desk.



Front desk.

Ji Mo sat on the director’s seat and looked away from the monitor’s screen.

“Five minutes left, all departments report!”

“Lights in place!”

“Speakers checked!”


“I’m ready too!”

Ning Xiaofei ran over and sat down on the assistant’s seat on his side.

Ji Mo turned to look at the stage and noticed Pei Ruoxi standing by, he immediately reminded.

“Ruoxi, check your microphone.”

Pei Ruoxi raised a finger, and fixed her microphone which was hanging askew on her lapel.

“All’s good!”

A golden light flashed under her wrist and Ji Mo was suddenly reminded of the pendant he found, his eyes shrinkled in an instant.

Zhang Yue walked over quickly: “Director, listen to the speaker on the left, it seems a bit different from the right.”

“Okay!” Ji Mo immediately got up, followed him to the stereo on the left and listened to the effects, “There’s no problem, it should be an irregularity from the studio, so the echo is different. The sounds on both sides might be unequal, but it doesn’t affect the overall performance.”

Zhang Yue nodded. “I think so too. I’m afraid something might go wrong so I asked you to double check.”

Ji Mo smiled admiringly at him and stood up again, “By the way, what time did we get back from the studio last Sunday?”

Zhang Yue thought for a moment, “I didn’t pay attention to the time, but I got to the subway station just in time for my ride. So… it should be around eleven o’clock.”

Ji Mo’s pupils shrank and his eyes fell on Pei Ruoxi again.

“Director!” The assistant director ran over. “There’s less than five minutes left!”

“Start the countdown.” Ji Mo quickly resumed his position. “Today is our first battle, everyone…Do your best!”


Everyone chorused together.

On the big screen, the countdown began.

“Our dear audience, we are five minutes to the show, please be quiet.”

As the lights in the audience went dark, the main lights on the stage turned one after another, and the makeup artist applied the last touches on Pei Ruoxi’s make up. As the countdown on the big screen reached 0, the first live broadcast of “Dialogue with God” officially launched.

Facing the camera, Pei Ruoxi presented a huge smile.

“Everyone, guests, friends, I’m Pei Ruoxi, your host for today first live broadcast of Dialogue with God…Everyone must see how excited I am tonight. Do you why? It’s a great honor for me to let you know that it’s because of our two guests tonight…Bear in mind, they are two, super heavyweight Gods, Do you know who they are all?”




Under the stage, screams burst out in an instant.

“That’s right, our first guest today is…” Pei Ruoxi stood up from the sofa and extended her right arm, “The music God…Mr. Xicheng!’

The spotlight moved and hit Xicheng’s figure and appeared in everyone’s sight.

Not only the audience on the set, but those waiting in front of their TV’s were already in a state of madness.

Nodding to the crowd, Xicheng stepped onto the main stage.

He has changed into a white casual suit, with loose collars making look a bit uninhibited. His step by step strides to the stage were glamorous and dazzling.

“A born superstar.”

Ning Xiaofei sighed at heart.

The man stood at the stage and immediately exuded an extraordinary aura. Despite being a guest of honor, he still suppressed the host, completely drowning Pei Ruoxi’s presence in his limelight with ease.

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