TOCH – Chapter 346

Chapter 346: When I grow up, I want to be your bride.

“You’re too noisy!” Standing up, he walked a few steps forward and dragged Fang Chixia out.

“Where are we going?”Fang Chixia looked up but didn’t resist.

“Home.” Luo Yibei threw back a word and headed away from Imperial City.

Fang Chixia tread behind him and chewed on his word. At this moment, her heart felt inexplicably warm.

The night outside the Imperial City was quiet. The long streets were illuminated by lights along the road and few cars whizzed pass them.

His white Lamborghini drove slowly on the road with the roof open. The scent of the sea from the breeze made her feel refreshed.

Fang Chixia had a few drinks with Tong Yan inside. She was already a bit tipsy and her face was dyed with pink, that of the peach blossoms after the rain.

She was garbed in a shirt dress today. After drinking, she felt a little hot and unbuckled the button below her neck.

“Why did you come too?” With her head leaning skewed on her seat, she casually unbuttoned another while speaking to him.

Her sultry voice at the moment sounded particularly crisp.

“Coincidence.” Luo Yibei responded with a lazy word and glanced in her direction.

With Fang Chixia’s head resting sideways and her body now leaning in the same manner, Luo Yibei has a clear view of her slightly exposed chest.

A glimpse of it made him stiff and his hands clenched on the steering wheel.

“Button your shirt, I’m driving.” Stripping his eyes off her with difficultry, he found a rare moment to remind her.

Fang Chixia ignored him. Lifting her head up, she gifted him with a petitous smile and suddenly began humming: “When I grow up, I want….”

She sang in English and having had heard her many times singing the same tune, he didn’t have to guess what word comes next.

Luo Yibei really finds a certain loathing to this song. Fang Chixia barely finished a line, when he screamed: “Noisy!”

Fang Chixia brushed him off once more and continued: “When I grow up, I want to be your bride, lalala….

She also looped ‘Lalalala’ infinitely several times.

Luo Yibei’s face was slightly distorted. He parked the car on the side and reached out to cover her mouth. However, Fang Chixia beat him to it and caught his hand the moment he extended it.

An action that narrowed Luo Yibei’s eyes as his attention fell on her face.

Well, despite her drunkenness, her agility was still up and running.

Luo Yibei let her weak hand hold his and then let her head lie on his leg. Then he leaned down: “When you grow up, whose bride do you want to be?”

The first time he heard her sing this song was on their wedding night, and he thought that she was singing to him.

For some time, he thought so.

But after getting along with her, he found that it wasn’t the case.

Fang Chixia wasn’t totally drunk, but with her alcohol tolerance, a few glasses wouldn’t keep her sober.

Luo Yibei was wondering if he could finally get her to say something about this.

However, Fang Chixia didn’t play along. He couldn’t tell if she was being deliberate, but she dodged the topic without effort.

“Aren’t you going back to the Luo’s residence?” Looking up at him, her eyes twinkled with her smile.

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