SWDP – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Former boyfriend

Mu Huan cannot lie, but at the same time can’t tell himmklam the truth, so in the end, she can only say: “I don’t want to say it!”

She surmised that such an answer would certainl make Bao Junyan angry.

On the contrary.

Bao Junyan let go of her hand: “If you don’t want to say it, then don’t.”

Mu Huan’s eyes widened in amazement.

So, that is alright?

Her disbelief looks very cute, so Bao Junyan couldn’t resist mussing her her.

Mu Huan, “…”

What’s going on in this man’s mind? Is it really okay if doesn’t want to say anything? Is he really not mad?

“But, if you don’t want to buy and don’t want to pick what you like, I’ll just let other people do it for you.” Bao Junyan doesn’t have much time to accompany her shopping, so time can’t be wasted.

Mu Huan, “…”

Why is he so obsessed with shopping?

Bao Junyan’s so-called shopping is to take Mu Huan into a variety of luxury stores and pick out a few sets from the shop assistants’ recommendations.

From clothes, shoes to jewelry, bags, from head to toe, from inside out, they swept the stores non-stop.

Every time Mu Huan sees him swiping his cards at the checkout counters, it’s was akin to swiping her own, her body hurts!

Several times, she couldn’t help but want to talk Bao Junyan out of it, and ask if he could transfer these items to her on discounts, without them, they still have…

Until Bao Junyan received an urgent call.

“I need to go back to the company now.”

Before Bao Junyan could finish whatever he wanted to say.

Mu Huan beat him to it: “If husband is busy, you should hurry!”

Bao Junyan laughed. It seems that his little wife can’t wait for him to disappear. “I’ll let someone come pick you up. Wait here!”

“Okay!” Mu Huan nodded.

After Bao Junyan left, Mu Huan glanced at the corner where all the shopping bags were placed. She had this impulse to return them back and have them refunded. But in the end, she held herself back.

“Xiao… Xiaohuan?”

This familiar voice made Mu Huan’s whole body suddenly turn rigid.

“Xiao Huan, it’s really you!” The originally hesitant voice exclaimed in surprise and approached Mu Huan.

This is the last person Mu Huan wanted to see, her good friend, Lin Qingya.

Beside Lin Qingya stands a tall young man, the handsome countenance of the young man could almost make the sun’s brightness fade away!

This young man is Gu Chenyi, Mu Huan’s former boyfriend.

Mu Huan’s hands on both sides clenched tight unthinkingly.

Lin Qingya glanced at the branded shopping bags beside her and hints of envy flashed across her eyes, but then it turned into surprise. “Xiao Huan, you… How could you have bought so many things?”

“What’s it with you?” Mu Huan retorted frigidly.

Lin Qingya instantly teared up in grievances: “Xiao Huan…”

“Don’t act in front of me, just pass nice and cool!” Mu Huan has always been one who’d treat people with sincerity the same way. She is too bored playing games with people she never cares about. She just wants to have her never appear before her.

“Xiao Huan, I know what I said that night made you angry, but I did it all for you… Don’t be like this…” Lin Qingya grabbed Mu Huan’s arm and pleaded.

“For me?” Mu Huan sneered.

“I really did it for you! Xiao Huan, we grew up together, you are my best friend. I can even die for you, how could I harm you? Don’t do this to me…” Lin Qingya cried.

“Lin Qingya, you really make me sick!” Mu Huan shook her arm off in disgust.

She’s been so sincere, protecting her, only to be betrayed just like that. And now, she’s playing the innocent and crying pathetically here just to win a good man’s sympathy, it’s absolutely disgusting!

With the strength Mu Huan used, Lin Qingya could have stumbled a few times at best, but she rolled on the floor with tears dripping down her face.

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