SWDP – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Why don’t you want what I bought you?

While Mu Huan is caught in a daze, Bao Junyan led her in: “Go try it.”

“No! I really don’t have to!” Mu Huan hurriedly shook his head: “No pain, no gain!”

His wealth is his own, and she can’t plainly ask him for such expensive things.

“You are my wife. I am your husband. This husband is buying clothes for his wife. Is there anything else you want? Hmm?”

Bao Junyan’s ‘hmm’ was tinged with danger right in her face.

Mu Huan was frightened into shaking her head once again. “No, nothing!”


The dress fits Mu Huan perfectly. Once she has changed into it, the value of her face soared a dozen times over in an instant!

Bao Junyan nodded in satisfaction: “Try these pieces, too.”

While Mu Huan was trying on the dress, he picked a few pieces more.

“No, this is enough!” Mu Huan refused instinctively.

“Try them on.”Bao Junyan simply commanded.

Since they’ve come to shop this afternoon, he’ll just fill the wardrobe set aside for her.

As a well-behaved wife, Mu Huan could only do as she is told.

Every piece of clothes that Bao Junyan picked is very suitable for Mu Huan. After checking out all of them, Mu Huan found it hard to choose one.

Just when she is struggling to make up her mind.

Bao Junyan waved his hand, ordering everything to be wrapped.

Mu Huan: “…!!”

These six clothes are worth over 60,000!

This spendthrift!

“Husband, don’t you think that these clothes are of similar style? It doesn’t make sense if I’d just be wearing similar items every time. Let’s just pick one from them..” She curled her hands on Bao Junyan’s arm and whispered.

“They do looke somewhat similar.”

“Right.” Mu Huan nodded at once. Just when she’s thinking that Bao Junyan agreed on picking just one.

He directly swiped his card.

Mu Huan: “….!!!”

“Didn’t you just say they’re similar?” She grunted weakly.

“They’re all beautiful.” Although they are similar in style, the beauty of his young wife varies clad on each one. He’s quite pleased with the results.

Mu Huan, “…”

She has nothing to say.

Following that, Mu Huan dare not look at other clothes, not even a glance, in fear that her attention would stimulate his local tyrant of a husband into buying non-stop.

She is the one who is leaving in the future, so she can’t spend his money.

“Don’t you like any other?” The fact that they bought nothing on the first floor left Bao Junyan feeling like their time has been wasted.

“En.” Mu Huan nodded.

Bao Junyan frowned.

“Husband, I am hungry, let’s go eat!” Mu Huan grabbed Bao Junyan’s arm urging him to leave the mall.

Bao Junyan looked at the watch on his wrist. “It’s only three.”

“I didn’t eat lunch, so I’m starving now.”

Bao Junyan glanced upstairs and said, “Let’s go upstairs and eat, then go shopping.”

Mu Huan, “I don’t like to eat upstairs. I want to eat meals at Jindingxuan.”

To preven Bao Junyan from changing places to go shopping, she chose a restaurant a few kilometers away with no shopping malls in sight.

“Why don’t you want me to buy you something?” Bao Junyan suddenly asked.

Mu Huan is caught off guard. She bowed her head naturally, but is arrested by a big palm, while slender fingers forced her chin up to look directly at him.

“I…” Mu Huan couldn’t come up with an answer.

Bao Junyan is a shrewd man. Before, he never noticed anything wrong as they’ve only spent too little time with each other, except at night.

But being in contact with him like this now, he’d certainly see through her with little effort.

Silent as she was, Bao Junyan waited patiently.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    She has failed to realize that the more she’s being secretive, the more he’ll notice something’s wrong and try to find out.


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