EP – Chapter 171

Chapter 171: No one’s allowed to leave.

“What’s wrong with it?” Xicheng looked her in the eye. ” Do you know how much I’ve done for my new song? I stayed all week in the desert just to record the most pleasant sound of the wind and sand. But because of you, my team and I had to work overtime for a whole week. The sound technicians had to stay up three days and nights. all recorded CD’s were scrapped and re-recorded. Do you know how many people were involved?”

“But it’s really not me!”

“If not you, why is it the IP address was of the TV station’s?! In the entire column group, except you, no one else has had a copy of my file. If not you, then who?! You’re saying that you are innocent, well then, come up with evidence. As long as you can prove that you weren’t the one who did it, I’ll stay and finish the show. I will even personally apologize to you.” Xicheng grabbed Ning Xiaofei’s wrist, “Come on… Ning Xiaofei, why don’t you talk, can’t you even fabricate anything?”

The man’s fingers were like iron thongs almost crushing her slender arm. And the wound at the back of her hand burst in pain. The wounds that almost healed were once again torn apart and blood dripped out, soaking the bandage.

Against Xicheng’s aggressive questioning, Ning Xiaofei, who had no idea how everything came about, was tongue-tied.

Everyone, who was watching wasn’t clear as to what was happening, was willing to step in and help Ning Xiaofei, but didn’t know how.

Some inevitably wondered if Ning Xiaofei was indeed the culprit….

Hurried footsteps suddenly disturbed the silence and forced his way through the crowd, then grabbed Xicheng arm.

A long palm, white cuffs, and cobal blue cufflinks sparkled.

Mu Tianye’s elegant face, deep and incomparable, and a pair of dark eyes greeted Xicheng without shying away, with restrained anger.

“Let go!”

The man’s low-pitched tone was faint, but deep and domineering.

Everyone’s attention has been on Xicheng and Ning Xiaofei. When someone suddenly cut in the scene, their eyes fell on the man’s face. Xicheng’s eyes shrank.

“Mu Tianye?”

“Mr. Xicheng, please let go!”

Ji Mo seconded. Although his tone was polite, it was equally majestic.

In one way or another, it was always abusive for a man to manhandle a woman.


Xicheng loosened his fingers and shook off Mu Tianye’s arm.

Looking at Ning Xiaofei on the side, Mu Tiane raised his arm to block her, protecting her with his body. Then he turned to Xicheng.

“What did she do wrong?”

Xicheng snorted icily: “None of your business!’

Mu Tianye eyed him with a frostier front: “She’s my business.”

Xicheng narrowed his eyes and blinked at Ning Xiaofei, and then at Mu Tianye.

“You want to protect her? It depends on whether you have that ability!” Taking a deep breath, Xicheng coldly screamed, “Xu Yang, call the police! Say that the thief who deliberately released my song has been caught. They should come and arrest her!’

“Director Ji!” The deputy director nudged Ji Mo’s arm in alarm. “It’s eight o’clock.”

The live broadcast is scheduled at 8:30. The audience has already lined up outside for admission. If they delay the preparation, the column would be ruined.

Instead of calling the police, Xu Yang rushed and dragged Xicheng by the arm.

“Mr. Xicheng, why don’t we calm down first and talk about it?”

He knows this guy’s temper knows better than anyone else. And if he keeps pushing him, he’ll just make things worse.

“Stop right there!” Mu Tianye thundered: “Before things are cleared up, no one is allowed to leave!”

M’s corner: Hero’s finally here 🙂

7 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 171”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Mr. Mu’s wife protection mode has been activated.
    Xicheng is actually really stupid, why would Xiaofei sabotage her own idea? After all the effort she put into getting the guests to join and everything else, why on earth would she turn around and destroy it and risk her reputation being damaged. If he’s the 2nd ML then he has completely let us down, that’s why I’m happy that I always supported Mr. Mu .


  2. I’m glad Mr. My save the day and his wife. Hopefully the culprit will pay the crime. Now everyone will know Ning Xiaofei husband is the mighty Mr. My.


  3. Uhmm. Xiaofei did fight dirty for Xicheng’s participation in their show, so she’s got some responsibility for the leak. I’m guessing, these two are the male leads, but both of them have some violent tendencies, which is a bit a of a turn off for me.


  4. I am glad Mu Tianye arrived on the right time and I hope he caught that bitch …..
    Thanks for the update 🙂


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