SWDP – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: A trench to no humanity

“President, madam.” Assistant Wang Tezhu, who was driving, returned to assist.

Mu Huan saw this as an opportunity: “Husband, I’m just wandering around alone and I don’t have anything important to buy. You’re so busy so you don’t have to accompany me.”

Bao Junyan ignored her excuse and instead faced Assistant Wang Tezhu and gave him some orders.

Although Wang Tezhu was very much surprised that their workaholic president is planning on skipping work to go shopping with his wife, nothing showed up on his face. After receiving his orders and giving Mu Huan a salute, he left.

Mu Huan looked at him, longing that he would take Bao Junyan away!

There seems to be tens of thousands of grass mud horses galloping wildly in her heart!

“Let’s go.” Bao Junyan looked down at the Mu Huan.

Although Mu Huan’s heart is overturning seas and rivers, she still maintained a flattering smile up at him.

Bao Junyan looked at her obvious fake smile and was a bit amused.

Still, he said nothing and just extend a hand to rub her head.

Mu Huan felt as if she has become a pet dog.

With Bao Junyan’s long legs, it takes two steps for Mu Huan to catch up. Plus, badgered with uneasiness being with him, Mu Huan instinctively slowed down to stay away from him, so the two quickly was separated by a long distance.

And Bao Junyan, who has always been on a tight schedule and never waited for anyone, realized that his young wife has been left behind stopped to wait for her.

Mu Huan saw him stop and really wanted to roll her eyes up to the sky. Why did they not meet at night? Why did they have to meet during the day!!And also go shopping together!

However, although her heart was against it a hundred percent, she must sit firmly on Mrs. Bao’s throne. She dared not let Bao Junyan wait and sprinted all the way to Bao Junyan.

“Sorry, husband.” She bowed her head and apologized.

Just as she was wondering whether to find an excuse for her discomfort and end this ordeal.

Her chin was suddenly lifted up and her eyes slammed into a pair of deep dark pupils. Mu Huan freaked out and instinctively retreated only to be caught by one strong arm and brought back into his sturdy arms.

Mu Huan’s heartbeat spiraled into a drum-beating moment!

“Don’t be so nervous or afraid of me, I’m your husband and the person who’s going to spend the rest of his life with you.”

The low-pitched voice rang at the top of her head. The warmth and comfort it brought was like the early wind in summer, surrounding her into unconsciously relaxing.

“I…I’m not nervous. I just… I’m just a bit uncomfortable…”

“Alright, I will stay with you more in the future.”

Mu Huan, “…!!!”

No! He really don’t have to! He doesn’t have to spend much time with her! If he accompanies her more like this, she’s afraid her heart can’t stand it, ah!


Mu Huan thought that with Bao Junyan, she would be too nervous and embarrassed, but, not long after entering the mall, her woman’s love of beautiful clothes defeated her jitters.

Seeing the beautiful dress, he stopped involuntarily and cried in appreciation: “Wow, it’s beautiful…”

Bao Junyan bowed down to look at her and though it suits her well so he pulled her into the shop.

“What are you doing?” “Mu Huan was startled to see him in, and hurriedly grabbed his arm.

“Go in and buy.”

“No! This dress is super expensive! I can’t wear it all the time. I’ll just look at it!” This dress costs tens of thousands and the material looks really delicate. She can’t wear it.

“Super expensive? Let’s just go in and see?”

“Mm-hmm.” Mu Huan nodded repeatedly.

“Did you forget who your husband is?” He has got nothing but money. If his wife sees something she likes, does she only need to look at it?

What does he mean by this?

“In the future, as long as you like it, you don’t have to worry about it. You can buy a mall a day.”

Mu Huan, “…!!!”

Is this the legendary wealth, the trench to no human nature?

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  1. Bao Junyan looks like a promising member of the wife-doting club.👍🏽👍🏽 He’s willing to let her buy a mall a day!😆😆😆

    Thanks for the update.💖


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