SWPF – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I like young and beautiful

“Third brother, I’m merely thinking about you. Even if you don’t like Xinzi jie, but for a woman from the mountains, if worst comes to worst, just pay her off with a huge sum of money.”

The Huo family in China is indeed top and influential, the women in the capital are entirely at their disposal.

Huo Jinchen relaxed on the sofa: “I don’t feel aggrieved at all. Your third brother is also a normal person. I like young and beautiful.”

The rest that He Lianyi wanted to say got stuck in his throat.

It would be against his will if he says that Lu Xingzhi doesn’t look good. In fact, he didn’t expect this village girl to be this stunning that he couldn’t even recall a few girls to compare with her in the capital.

“So what else does she have besides beauty? And Xinzi jie…”

Huo Jinchen interrupted him with a sardonic grin. ” Do you want to say that Chen Xinzi is also beautiful? Are you sure?”

He Lianyi snorted: “She’s only a little bit worse. Besides, there are a lot of beautiful women out there and better looking than her.”

“I also like her age. Lu Xingzhi will legally be an adult in five days time.”


He Lianyi looked strangely at Huo Jinchen. So he is wanting to be an old cow eating young grass!

Twenty-seven and eighteen, that’s nine years apart.

That’s quite a huge gap.

“I also like a national college entrance examination liberal arts champion.” Huo Jinchen remembered this.

He Lianyi: “…”

This time, he really didn’t know how to refute.

The whole country’s college entrance examination champion is young and beautiful, so he can’t grumble temporarily.

As for the future, who knows.

But, the yearly nationwide entrance examination in liberal arts, has many times produced male champions. This shows how difficult it is.

“Hurry back! You’re a public figure so don’t coming running to me.” Huo Jinchen gave He Lianyi no room for argument.

He Lianyi knows that his efforts were of no avail, so he had to leave first.

As the chairman of a listed company, Huo Jinchen went to the company on the third day.

Lu Xingzhi was acquainted to no one and was unfamiliar with the place so she stayed alone in her room all day.

Except for the three meals, she basically doesn’t go out.

Two days later, she decided to go out for a stroll.

Just when she arrived downstairs ready to go out, Zhou Yixiang rushed over: “Lu jie, where are you going? You are not familiar with this place, so you’d better not go out.’

Lu Xingzhi frowned: “What? Do I need to report to you when I go out? Is Huo Jinchen going to limit my freedom?”

She couldn’t blame them. All these people thinks she is unworthy of Huo Jinchen.

But who solicited her opinion? Did they ask her if she was willing to live with Huo Jinchen?

“Otherwise, would you like me to give him a call now or is this
according to your housekeeper’s wishes?” She isn’t an idiot. She has lived by herself for a long time, how could she be oblivious to someone’s meaningful glances.

“Mister has tasked us to take good care of you. I was out of line.” Zhu Yixiang is not a fan of Lu Xingzhi. Huo Jinchen has been kind to her, so in her heart, Hou Jinchen deserves on the best woman.

“Oh…” Lu Xingzhi isn’t in the mood to leave home, so she smiled coldly and went straight back to her room.

She doesn’t really want to go out in this weather.

In the evening when Hou Jinchen came back, Lu Xingzhi mentioned none of these.

She was well aware that Huo Jinchen only agreed to their engagement due to his grandfather.

“Zhi zhi, if you are bored at home, you can ask the driver to send you out for shopping. If you need anything, just swipe this card.”

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