LLW – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: How dare you compare?

Rong Liang Meng’s pretty face instantly changed.

Dog leg….

She was even described so low!!

Rong Lian Meng burst out as she moved forward and pointed a finger at Zilan: “You dare swear at me?!!”

Zilan raised her head up and feigned surprise: “Girl, have I spoken to you? It’s a bad habit to reach out and point fingers at others. It’s even more awful to take a general comment as personal attack.”

Zilan maintaned a mocking smile as she castigated her.

Luzhu and Biluo have never imagined Zilan to be so black.

Previously, Zilan has only been reckless. But after getting along with their Miss, it seems that she has gradually assimilated.

Rong Liang Meng has never thought of being ridiculed by several people from Class 7 and it fueled her anger!

“Try laughing at me again. Don’t blame me for being rude!!”

“Oh… Do you think you’re being polite right now?” Feng Chuge looked up and asked.

Rong Lian Meng was a little startled.

Feng Chuge kept smiling: “All right, enough playing. Take good advantage of this splendid spring, go back and rest, or go find your sister Yan Qing. Look at you defending her so much, I assume that your sister Yan Qing must be treating you well.”

The color on Rong Liang Meng’s fac increasingly turned embarrassed.

How could their shijie treat her so well?

She’s just a student in Class 6, while Yan Qing is a top student of Class 2.

The reason she sides with Yan Qing was nothing but in hopes of getting Yan Qing’s appreciation and then let her be a follower.

Having Yan Qing as a backer is also a matter of great pride when the time comes.

Moreover, Yan Qing shijie is highly talented and also has a lot of miracle pills.

The last the she did a favor for Yan Qing, she got rewarded.

The beams on Rong Liang Meng’s eyes shimmered slightly.

She turned cold eyes to Feng Chuge.

That’s right. As long as she can defeat Feng Chuge, as long as she leaves Feng Chuge’s reputation in tatters in the college.

By then, nobody will ever compare such a low-class student from Class 7 with Yan Qing shijie.

By then, Yan Qing shijie will certainly be happier!!

With this thought in mind, Rong Lian Meng smirked coldly —

“Feng Chuge, I heard from the entrance test that your level is a senior Spritual master?!”

“Hmm?” Feng Chuge looked at her askance.

“It just so happen that I too am a senior Spiritual Master. Do you dare try compete with me?”

“Are you sure you want to compare with me?”

“Yes! Did you say you’re a senior spiritual master? Let’s have a good look then, how strong you truly are!”

Rong Liang Meng is determined that Feng Chuge has taken miracle pills and is just stacked with them.

How could a 10-year-old waste, who was driven out of her home, reach a senior spiritual master level in just six years?

She raised her chin up and looked at Feng Chuge provokingly.

The pride beneath her eyes are unmistakable.

This gesture only stimulated a laugh from Feng Chuge.

Sure enough, she’s still wet behind the ears ~~ she understands nothing.

Young people nowadays, ahhh ~~~

Feng Chuge shook her head in disappointment.

“What’s the matter? You dare not?” With no response from her, Rong Liang Meng urged aloud.

“How could I refuse when you’ve invited so warmly?” Feng Chuge gently caressed Meatball’s soft fur and answered softly.

The moment Rong Liang Meng heard Feng Chuge’s agreement, a quaint glimmer flashed across her eyes. “Alright. Feng Chuge, after class this afternoon, in front of the college’s demon tower at the test site, by then, don’t go disappearing. Whoever doesn’t appear loses by default!”

With that said, Rong Liang Meng swept the four ladies with a challenging look.

Today, she must teach these students from Class 7 a lesson!!

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