SWPF – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Must never bully Xiao Zhi

Her room has a separate toilet, a separate balcony and even a separate dressing room.

After arranging her clothes in the closer, Lu Xingzhi laid down on the sofa. As she wasn’t tired, she didn’t know what to do.

A knock on the door work Lu Xingzhi up, who unknowingly, fell asleep.

“Uncle, what’s the matter?” Seeing Huo Jinchen outside the door, Lu Xingzhi asked.

“Let’s go down for dinner.”


After the two had dinner, Huo Jinchen said: “Get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow morning, can we go to Grandpa? He wants to see you.”

“Alright.” To such simple requests, Lu Xingzhi has no reason to refuse.

It might be her illusion, but Lu Xingzhi senses that the housekeeper always looks at her with dismissive and contemptuous eyes.

But, Lu Xingzhi ignored it.

A man like Huo Jinchen should be partnered with a woman with the looks and wealth that equal his.

Now that she has cut in halfway through the road, she’s afraid she has made countless women hate her.

After a good night’s sleep.

Lu Xingzhi got up the next morning.

After breakfast, Huo Jinchen took her to his Grandpa’s home in the capital.

The moment they entered the gate, they saw the old man pruning flowers and plants.

“Grandpa, I brought Zhi zh with me…”

It was only then that Huo Qiyuan turned around and saw Lu Xingzhi beside Huo Jinchen. He immediately beamed with his face all crumpled up: “This is my little granddaughter-in law. Come over, let grandpa have a good look at you.”

“Hello, Grandpa Huo.” Lu Xingzhi walked to him and greeted politely.

Grandpa Hou feigned upset: “What Grandpa Huo, it sounds like we’re strangers. We’re a family so just omit the Huo. Just calling me Grandpa is fine.”

“Grandpa.” Lu Xingzhi was impressed by this kind old man so she readily followed his intentions.

The old man grinned: “Good child! Don’t stand at the door, let’s go inside and talk!”

Huo Qiyuan asked Lu Xingzhi about her grandfather and her situation in recent years.

In the end, he inevitably was somewhat saddened and felt sorry for this child: “Little Zhi, I know it’s all this grandpa’s fault. If I had seen your grandfather’s letter earlier, it wouldn’t have taken me a few years to pick you up.”

“No, no, don’t say that. I’ve been doing good, really.” Lu Xingzhi wasn’t suffering from any kind of bitterness at all. She was a bit overwhelmed by this old man’s contrite.

Unable to appease him, she looked at Huo Jinchen for help.

“Grandpa, everything’s going to be fine from now on. That part of her life is over.” Huo Jinchen handed a cup of tea to Huo Qiyuan. “Look at you, your making Zhi zhi feel like she has done something terrible.”

“Right, right. Xiao Zhi, live here with peace of mind. If you need anything, just tell grandpa.”

Lu Xingzhi that he is worthy of being Huo Jinchen’s grandpa, the two said the exact same thing.

“Okay.” Nevertheless, she nodded winsomely.

The two had lunch with Huo Qiyuan, and stayed with the old man for a while.

Before leaving, Huo Qiyuan specifically instructed Huo Jinchen: “Jinchen, you have to take good care of Xiaozhi. Never ever bully her. Don’t let her down, do you understand?”

“I will.”

Huo Qiyuan is confident with his own grandson, but still he turned to Lu Xingzhi: “Xiao Zhi, if Jinchen bullies you, just tell grandpa and I’ll help you clean him up. Rest assured, this grandpa is your solid backing.”

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