SWPF – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: She’s the hostess of this family.

Lu Xingzhi shook his head. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Where does she have time to have a boyfriend? To learn, to make money, who would like her.

Huo Jinchen recalled the restraints in the way Han Chengran looked at Lu Xingzhi, he obviously likes her.

But then, his fiancee is indeed a bit too eye-catching.

This young girl is just stunning.

This was what Huo Jinchen had never expected before coming for her.

“That’s good, you are still young, so focus on your studies first!” Huo Jinchen pulled the tone of an elder.

“Oh!”Lu Xingzhi nodded smartly.

After boarding the plane, Lu Xingzhi lamented. How good it is being rich, you can buy first class tickets.

She had taken flights when her father was still alive, but only on economy class. There was absolutely no first class comfort.

When the flight attendant came to ask for the third time if Huo Jinchen wanted a drink, Lu Xingzhi offered with great eyesight: “Uncle, otherwise, shall we exchange seats?”

The way the stewardess looked at her wasn’t exactly friendly.

“No.” Huo Jinchen glanced furtively at her and closed his eyes.

The plane soon landed and as Lu Xingzhi sat down in the car that picked Huo Jinchen up, she somehow felt that everything was surreal.

Huo Jinchen suddenly broke into her life and took her to the capital.

In the future, she will staying in a completely strange place.

It was a bit daunting, but she calmed herself down in an instant. She’s alone so it really doesn’t matter where she lives.

After some time, the car parked in front of a villa.

Soon, someone opened the door for Huo Jinchen. When he went down, he extended an arm out to Lu Xingzhi: “Zhi zhi, we’ve arrived. Come down!”

Lu Xingzhi gave him a quick look and wondered how he accomplished blurting out her nickname so naturally.

“Sir, you’re back.” The housekeeper is already waiting at the door.

Well, is the room ready?” Huo Jinchen had already ordered him to clean up the room next to his.


The servants at home eyed Lu Xingzhi with doubt and curiousity.

Huo Jinchen directly announced: “She is Lu Xingzhi, the hostess of this family.”

No matter how shocked they are, they still maintained their composure as they greeted her: “Go up and put your luggage in the room first, then take a rest!”


After sending her to her door: “Zhi zhi, my room is next door. You can find me if there is anything you need.”

“Don’t call me Zhi zhi.” Lu Xingzhi was still unaccustomed to being addressed so by a man.

“Is there any problem?” Huo Jinchen stooped low and asked softly, his tone of voice is really bewitching.

“No.” Lu Xingzhi took a step back and got into the room huffing in a pique, while a blush crept up her cheeks.

Huo Jinchen regarded her childish behavior. She was clearly against it, she still dared not refute, so his smile spread wider: “Go and take a break. See what you need. You can ask the housekeeper or you can also come to me.”

When Lu Xingzhi heard his reminder, she closed the door.

Alone at last. To be honest, being with Huo Jinchen is really discomifiting for her.

She knew beforehand how rich Huo Jinchen was before going with him. She thought that he’d be at most like those she has watched on TV. However, stepping into his house today was a complete refresher to her undestanding of the giants.

So there is actually a certain difference between the rich and the rich she knows of.

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