LLW – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Come bite me!

He isn’t in heat!

He isn’t an ordingary cat!!

Just a moment ago, he just caught a scent of Achen, that little devil…


That’s impossible….

This is Yuntian College.

How could that little devil be here?

And this familiar momentum is getting stronger by the second. Meatball sprang up from Feng Chuge’s arms and trotted out.

Feng Chuge was shocked and was about to chase.

Zilan inserted flippantly, “Look, I am right… It’s in heat. Miss, you are going to interrupt Meatball from breeding the next generation, that’s not a good move.”

Feng Chuge finally stopped.

No matter what Meatball was about to do, she can be sure that he won’t let himself suffer.

That bizarre little guy was quite profecient in seeing through human nature….

Outside, about two hundred meters from the yard.

Snowy Meatball was crouching on the ground, baring his front teeth…

The bottom of his eyes were awashed with vigilance.

Across from him, there stood that cold little devil.

His black robe fitted him perfectly.

The edges of his robe were glazed with golden flame stripes epitomizing a noble and elegant stance.

On his little chubby face, a pair of devilish eyes were glowing.

Beneath the sunset, his long eyelahses were dyed with a golden hue.

A the moment, he was standing in front of Meatball with his hands across his chest, while looking down at him condenscendingly…

The pale blue eyes of Meatball stared right back at his purple eyes.

The two it seems were in the middle of a confrontation.

The surroundings seemed tense so much that even some tree leaves which fell to the ground seemed to reverberate abundantly clear.


Continue staring…

Achen: Nasty cat, stay farther away from my lady!

Meatball: She’s my master, I’ll stay with whomever I want. What’s it with you? If you can, come bite me ~~


One little boy and one cat, continued to stare down the other.

Both were very powerful and unwilling to lose.

These past two days, Achen has been taking some medicine herbs brought by Bei Xuan.

Although he didn’t recover his original appearance, his spiritual power was no longer the same as before.

His momentum is totally oppressive and his whole person is as good as a sovereign.

His tyrannical might was too overwhelming…

As a result, Meatball whimpered again and lost.


Achen moved a step and picked Meatball up.

“I told you not to be too close to my wife. You’d better listen or else, the next time I see you eating her tofu in her arms, I’ll peel your skin off!!”

The meatball struggled mid-air…

Wuwuwu…. He won’t take this defeat lying down, ahhhh!


Not far away, the approaching tapping of footsteps rang.

A gleam flashed across Achen’s eyes as he put Meatball down.

“Stupid cat, remember what I said…”

With that, he leaped up and flew in another direction.

Meatball stood in place and stared in the direction where Achen disappeared. A line formed on his lips.

What a shame…

It’s really a shame to lose to a little kid.

Sensing that the footsteps were getting closer, Meatball stick out his tongue and licked his fur, while his claws brushed against his body.

In a short while, Meatball restored his former grand valiant bearing.

When he saw the figure of the woman approaching, Meatball immediately jumped up and plunged into Feng Chuge’s chest.

After that, he didn’t forget to look up and stretch a paw and swung it to and fro.

That looked like he’s saying –

I’m not afraid of you, what are you going to do ~~~

If you’re a man, come bite me, oh, come bite me!!

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