LLW – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Stop Miss…. Poor review!!!

Di Jue Chen leaned back on one side and gently lifted a brow.

Seeing Bei Xuan still motionless, he gave him a look, “”What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you going?”

Bei Xuan was stumped, “Do you want me to go now?”

“Of course, the sooner Jing Lian goes, the more time she’d have.”

The smirk on his lips couldn’t be hidden.

Bei Xuan was left with a crooked smile.

His master really won’t give Yun Qianche a chance to relax…

He wiped his sweat again before he left.

After Bei Xuan left, the nonchalant Di Jue Chen, who was resting on one side just now, instantly vanished as he sprang up.

His little face was laded with a touch of helplessness.

Lightly shaking his head, he sighed….

There’s really no end to his troubles!

A faint purple light flashed across his eyes.

Di Jue Chen flicked his sleeves and went out.


In another place, Feng Chuge and others returned to their new courtyard.

The three maids are staying nextdoor, but at the moment, all three were gathered in Feng Chuge.

For the happenings just now, Zilan was still somewhat puzzled and her anger was not entirely dispelled.

If Yun Qianche had not intervened, they could have now disposed of Qian Ba as well as his underlings.

They’ve had great difficulty finding an opportunity to exercise and flex their muscles, but then everything ended before they could have a good fight.

Zilan wrinkled her nose.

Her perception of Yun Qianche before has always been good.

She never thought he’d stop their Miss….

Poor review!

“Miss, I think Di Jue Chen is much better. Although it may be a bit unrealistic, at least he won’t against miss.”

Feng Chuge lifted a brow and glanced at Zilan standing behind her.

“Yun Qianche wasn’t going against us.”

“He obviously blocked the fight between Miss and Qian Ba. If it weren’t for him, by now, Qian Ba would have been kneeling on the ground and begging us for mercy.”

Feng Chuge shot her another glance, “Zilan my friend, you must have eaten too much pig’s brains recently…”

Hearing what Feng Chuge has to say, Zilan instantly choked, “What’s the matter? Am I wrong?”

Luzhu snorted in laughter.

Of the three maids, Luzhu is the most meticulous.

She explained, “Qian Ba’s father is a financial elder of the College’s. If something were to happen to Qian Ba under the public’s scrutiny, the elder won’t certainly sit still. The reason Yun Qianche stopped Miss is because he was afriad that the elder would look for Miss in retaliation.”

Zilan cast a doubtful look at her, “Who knows if you’re just trying to make him look good?’

“He’s the new teacher of Class 7. No matter what happens, it’s impossible for him to cause us any harm.”

Zilan huffed with her brows wrinkled. Finally, she just waved her hands.

“Okay, Okay. Then let it be as you said. Anyway, I still think that Di Jue Chen is better than Yun Qianche.” Zilan reiterated.

Luzhu and Biluo could only smile helplessly.

What else could they say? Meat ball who was lying peacefully on the side of a chair suddenly opened his eyes sharply —

“Meow…Meow…” He seemed to be disturbed by something especially hair-raising.

Feng Chuge reached out for hm and tried to pacify him.

“What’s the matter Meatball?”

Zilan scrutinized Meatball for a while and finally came up with a conclusion. “Miss, Meatball is already full-grown. It’s probably his mating period…”



Meatball, who was still whimpering, froze at once.

He lifted his blue pair of eyes filled with disgruntlement.

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